Metal Hellsinger

Are you rocking, son?

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nah. is the ost out yet? i mean proper. not just unity assets ripped from the game

Played a bit of it and enjoyed my time, but I chose the hardest difficulty and am getting trounced a lot. Must git gud.

when are they gonna make one of these games but instead of shitty mid 00s metal it's some sick electronic bop instead like this one here heh

any r34 yet?

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Why can't I rebind the beat button to a bumper? Trying to keep rhythm with a trigger fucking sucks.

is it fun?
better than the demo?

Haven't played the demo, but it's alright
I wish it used more metal album cover aesthetics, like Brutal Legend, instead of generic hell.

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>playing a fps with a controller

if you guys want a good chuckle watch ign's review for this game, these people share the air you breath

I suck but I'm still enjoying it. Wish it ran better.

I did
Dude didn't reload on beat once
What a fucking joke

>rhythm game

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played the demo, it's pretty cool. might get on sale later

Why is she so impossibly flat?
Did she go to hell because of her breast-envy?
She couldn't even nurse a mouse with that chest

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>doing challenges
>troy baker sermons every time you fail
>go to settings
>set voice volume to 0
>instantly less annoying

I always thought his monologues don't really fit the game

>doom2016 except it's buttrock

>ultimate only challenge 2 is by far the hardest in the game
>most of the other challenges are jokes
>only have to do them once and they unlock on all difficulties
I want to like the hell crows but fuck they suck. Shotgun is kinda meh too
Ran through the whole game with Pistols and crossbow, which is fucking stupid with ghost rounds

>Video starts with clip from some fotm TV series.

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considering how hard they went on the hell devil demons screamo gore shit they could've given her a nice rack and it wouldn't have offended anyone
real missed opportunity

Premise sounds retarded and edgy. Music is subjective and there's no right or wrong to listen to. But if you're one of those retards going on about "MUH METAL" You need to get a life.