Are you excited about Forspoken? It’s a new character from a new trailer

Are you excited about Forspoken? It’s a new character from a new trailer

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It's my most anticipated game of the 2023


Not every game has to cater to you, Any Forums.

It's not new, retard
It's the TGS 2022 Trailer showed 2 days ago.
And yes
I'm exited for Forspoken

will be dead like saint row. No cap. Bussing.


She looks like the mom from Heavy Rain mixed with that prostitute from Heavy Rain

It's the only interesting game for PS5 by Square Enix
It will end up to be good

Nothing about the open world even looks interesting. From all the trailers they showed it looks empty as fuck.

It's seems a pretty awesome game, and the previews praise the combat system.
Easy DayOne for Forspoken

samefag ESL poster, with literally any negative post you fucking respond with another robotic positive one. You think people are retarded enough not to notice.

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Sure buddy....
Take your schizo pills next time

And, Forspoken will be a great game

So yeah THAT just happened

You literally do this every time. Give it a rest.
Who the fuck is even paying you to keep up with the shilling?

>imagine thinking to be payed for just enjoying videogames
even LMAO

If you are so blinded by hatred of Forspoken, then it means that you are not a real player.

Why you should never judge a game just because it was developed by a team of developers.
Otherwise, you should basically hate 70% of today's games

reddit spacing
it outs itself

And, I just like what I see of Forspoken. And you can't do anything for change my mind about this. Because Forspoken look like an actual amazing game to play.

DayOne imo

characters look absolutely fugged in this gayme.
also lol at no male characters

I love the magic system and the characters of this game.
Truly epic

are there any dudes yet? You've been following this closer than I have. I am curious to see how they turn out too.