Are animals the best companions in video games?

Are animals the best companions in video games?

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>Human daughter
>Furry son
Reverse this and its based.

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God I wish that were me.

She's not sitting on my face so that can't be a real pic of me

That kind of looks like one of my moderators for my twitch stream

Aliens >>>> Animals.

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I've been writing a short story about how your anthro friend forces you to go to the gym with her just to make the other anthros think that she got a human boyfriend
It also has vidya references
I'll also probably never post it

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Sorry, but I'm not even halfway done yet
But fear not, I shall return one day

You can post it on a place where you can update the text, like pastebin

For me it's the trashy fox who won't settle down

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Might post it in /hmofa/ then later this week
Still need to do some proofreading and minor edits of what I've written so far
Also I've already shut down my pc for the night so there's that

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At least give me a name so I can look for it later.

Little abominations.

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what said
Post a name or title so I can look in the archive later.

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Uhhhhhhhhhh... fuck
Working title is "Gym Buddies"
I was probably gonna change it, but I'll still leave it as that for a while at least

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No but they are the best protagonists

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Alright thanks, was worried I wouldn't get a reply before the thread would be nuked by a passing janny.

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Haha female hyena penis haha

>it's just my artstyle