Whats with the input lag?

Whats with the input lag?

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What's with it having the 4 shittiest X games and Capcom still expecting people to buy it

And retards actually buying it

X5 and X8 are my favorites but thats besides the point the first legacy collection has the same issue

aint none

x5 is great, retardo

>aint none
literally not true youtube.com/watch?v=EvZkty_FQHA

I like X5 and X6, despite the bullshit I managed to overcome them during my early childhood which is why I wanted to own them again.

>Put X5, X6, X7 and X8 in a compilation
>Thought people would buy it

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Frank Cifaldi (the head of """restoration""" for that studio) is an absolute fucking fraud and knows NOTHING about video games.

ill admit I know nothing about videogames but how hard is it to get old games running properly on stronger hardware

the games are running on a corporate emulator, and you know how bad those are

It's more about recompiling and getting older code to work on modern hardware without breaking, like the way older games from the DOS or XP era can't run on modern hardware without being rewritten.

Honestly, I like X8 and I can't say I really hate X6 all things considered. I also hadn't played X7 and now I have and I regret so many things. X5 is just there though, I don't really care about that one these days.

AFAIK these games are direct source ports, not emulated.

Telling a computer processor how to act like another computer processor is not as easy as you would think. That's why FPGA is the new hotness when it comes to retro emulation, because you can literally reprogram the chip to act like old hardware.

nope. iirc only the zero/zx collection runs its games natively, everything else is emulated. I know for a favt the older X and almost all the classics are emulated, hance the atrocious input lag

im gonna be honest im playing on my switch right now and I dont notice it, do I just have bad reflexes or something?

Switch in general has awful input lag. You must be slow.

form what i looked up the ps4 is worse

Inputlag is only that bad on SNES games due shit emulation, everything after is native port.

How is the Legacy Collection on 3DS? Nice?

Opinion: Capcom should've made a remaster of Maverick Hunter X for consoles and PC and then apply what they did to the first game with Maverick Hunter X to all subsequent Megaman X games.

the music in that game is shit so no

No it isn't.

>sting chameleon
>bossfight themes
it's so bad they remixed the originals again instead of reusing the mhx versions
capcom wants to pretend it never happened, and for good reason

The Spark Mandrill track is good.

>x5 is great, retardo

You could make the argument that spark, eagle and octopus tracks are good......but that's it. The rest of them are absolute ass