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why is zelda so short

make the horse bigger.

Give Link a proper Divine Beast.

why didn't they let you customize this horse, it's just a scaled up horse

Then add like 20 more horses. I want to be smothered in horse farts

BotW 2 needs more mounts. The bear was a cool start, but it's too slow, and being unable to register it in the stable sucks major ass. Maybe they could add Twili wolves as an unlockable secret.

No farts, farts are faggot shit, just require BIG HORSE.


Why is Zelda black?

Horse zelda
That's a good idea

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My fellow octoboy connoisseur

Okay but what if Ganon was a horse

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sauce ?

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I would mount Link every day if I had BHC

Is this a mod? Playing as a tiny Link seems like it would be fun from a gameplay perspective

I wanted to register an elk so bad. It's practically a video game adaptation of princess mononoke but you can't have a real elk mount.

you just know