What is the optimal tsun/dere ratio for a video game heroine?

What is the optimal tsun/dere ratio for a video game heroine?

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0% tsun 0% dere

98% tsun
2% dere

100% naked


idk but I'm literally married to Medina Orthinanos.

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70/30 to 40/60 after you save her ass in combat


It can't be quantified.
>She's so openly hostile that it's actually kind of cute.
I want that.
I want that bad

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tsundere is a god awful anime trope next to evangelions rei type.

90/10 at the start of the game, just barely enough dere to let you know she's interested
0/100 at the end of the game

Games for this feel?


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b-b-but user
she's sorry she was so hostile and she wants to give you a flower

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100% tsun in public 100% dere in private

With Asuna not present in the underworld, can I sex her?

Well user Lycoris is a poorly written game and all of the girls show up after you kill Quinella the first time except Kizmel, Argo, and the gameverse girls.
So even though things happen like Shino openly declaring her love for (You) or everyone in the Underworld trying to ship (You) and Alice, (You) are still Asuna sexual sadly.

Reki is hellbent on forcing you to love his waifu

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SAO's relationships are the deepest, most 4d chess part of the writing. Kirito has a wholesome, monogamous harem with everyone flashing tits in his face

No, Kirito is just profoundly trauma bonded with Asuna.