Female character

>female character
>she has a pp
this is what Any Forums sounds like... not that i'm complaining obviously

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>posts a dude
I thought you tranoids were against misgendering people?

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peepees are aesthetically and functionally superior to vaginas

>Cute boy gets retroactively turned into a troon
>Immediately lose all sexual interest

yeah, the people on this board know it's a DRAWING of a FICTITIOUS CHARACTER. All labels are unrelated.

Why do I never see gay sumata?
I feel like it's a untapped market, frothing evolved.

You don't play this game or play as the character, you are just a discord tranny.

You're so butthurt she's actually a tranny and not your femboy fantasy all basement dweeler like you love it's been months you're annoying with this when most of the world dont give a shit + you don't play the game

that's a man ...with a yummy looking tummy

Wait, so it isn't just frothing?


post lobby, I dare you

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thats not a female

So you trannies are okay with misgendering then?

>still making things up
Better yet, you're not even a tranner and are actually just a Any Forumstard hoping for easy (You)s

Bridget is transfem.
>“Transfeminine” is an umbrella term that refers to people who were assigned male at birth but identify with femininity. It’s often abbreviated as “transfem.”
>This includes trans women, but is used especially for AMAB non-binary people, who may have a identity that is partially feminine, but not wholly female.
Or in other words, a femboy.

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I want to fuck Bridget in the ass so hard that he accidently shits on my dick

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i'd fuck the brains out of anyone who looks like this

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Brisket is transgender and uses she/her pronouns

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Frothing is usually done in a cowgirl(boy) position.
Sumata can be done in a lot of ways, but mainly on lap, laying on top face up or down and standing from behind.
Gay sumata would probably have an addition of balls to the mix.

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I want to fuck Bridget in the ass so hard that she accidently shits on my dick

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