What's the difference between this pic and piracy?

What's the difference between this pic and piracy?

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thats just a picture mate

pirates use boats not cars

pirates have older firearms and don't wear masks

more people get hurt when you pirate

piracy would just be a normal looking guy instantly spawning a copy of your car and driving off with it, probably with all the shitty online-only DRM and other shit gone.

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It's not taking place on the open seas

piracy is usually done by whitebois. armed robbery is usually done by nigs

Op don't be a fag just give me your bank account or il give you the most crooked simile in history

is ok to steal from the government and big corporations

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The threat of bodily harm

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You gotta a lotta nerve, posting such blasphemy like that.

Imagine being so retarded that you put a ranged weapon within arm's reach.

robber takes away thing
pirate creates duplicate of thing

Theft and counterfeit are two completely different things

if piracy should be illegal, whole internet should be illegal because everything copied to your device when visiting a website

The robber should be holding some super advanced 3D printer that scans your valuables and immediately prints multiple perfect copies if them in order to distribute them for free. Only then will this be the same thing.

pirates have funny looking hats

He copies me and my car and then robs the copy.

you wouldn't download a car

If you want to compare piracy to this, it will be guy without a gun and mask, walking around your car, and making its copy at his own garage. Results are: youve got your own car, hes got his own, no harm to anyone.

The difference is that I wish I could actually shoot most of the industry in the face
Sadly piracy does not let me do that