Is there any hope for a Kanmari(+mini kanmari) fight in the next Touhou game?

Is there any hope for a Kanmari(+mini kanmari) fight in the next Touhou game?

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I mean we did get Yukkuri in that Touhou spinoff game that was on Switch

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You are 100% right but that doesn't really mean anything as nobody seemingly can stop him.

all me btw

I'm really fucking close to perfecting stage 4 in TD
I always lose my patience and temper at the curved lasers and how fucking shit the bombs in TD are, to the point where having to bomb ANYTHING in that game at all sends me into a 2 second rage where my vision gets cloudy and I can't focus on anything and have to wait a bit before regaining my composure

I'll 1cc this garbage game to gain the right to draw pictures of my boywife Toyosatomimi no Miko then forget about it forever

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Desire for rape dream sex then falling in love with Youmu

Today is the 21st anniversary of Clownpiece flying two Kanmaris into the twin Hecatias. But how could she have used two Kanmaris when there was only one Kanmari?

She had an accomplice

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Does Kanmarisa have sexual desires? Would she be interested in raping other 2hus?

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This is fake.

See zoomers are the cause of all our problems. They think nothing happens but wish it did so hard that it retroactively happens.

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I can't post those pictures on a blue board, sorry.

Post a link please. I am interested.

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They're in that file somewhere.

Thank you.

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Youmu seemed shaken at my request. "Right here? right now?" she said with an annoyed expression on her face. "I don't wanna, I've got stuff to do like tending to the garden and making dinner for lady Yuyuko and-" she blabbered as I reached for her slender and delicate arm. Our eyes met and I could feel a tiny spark blow up between us, as if to warn me of the anger forming deep within her. "Let me go, right now!" she demanded whilst reaching for the handle of her blade.

I maintained my firm grip on her extremity. I did not fear anything the Hakugyoukurou's gardener could do to me with her Roukanken, because why would she hurt someone she loved deeply? these thoughts went through my mind as she closed the distance between her sword and my chest. Our locked sights did not stray far as I gently placed my hand on her weapon then with a quick hand motion tossed it aside out of her reach.

"W-what!? no! what are you-" she did not have time to yelp before I threw her tiny body onto the ground and started running my fingers through her soft and delicate pale white skin. My, what soft and supple thighs you have, my beautiful half-human half-phantom swordswoman. "Please, not now..." she said, holding back her anger-warmed tears as my index digit met her groin.

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not your blog

This but unironically.

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sex dork

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Still slightly better than the /jp/ schizo.

Is this the thread or the futo one?

Is there any 2hu better suited for loving rape sex other than Youmu? she strikes me as the kind that would complain during the entirety of the act then, as soon as you finish inside her, she'd lovingly hug you and slowly accept she's falling for you

this thread has Youmu rape sex

Might as well create another one, they are both terrible.

I did it

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Good job!

All 16 seasons?

no, just Reimu Summer
it's not my first HSiFS Lunatic clear however