Mononobe no Futo

Mononobe no Futo.

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>it's true
Oh wow..

Literally did nothing wrong.

that's Futo?
where's the cool hat?

>side ponytail
>no hat
>no big cock
I'm not convinced.

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i want to get that very pregnant


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I want to give her slobbery kisses and cum facials all fucking night, whilst grabbing her by the hair and tits.

Gone, reduced to atoms.

Why is she presenting herself? is she in heat?

she's certainly got the hots for me...

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>futo turned into a generic moeblob

it's an improvement

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Sumi won

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Of course a futo hater like you would think that.

>spits white substance

What if Flan was boy?

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It's called saliva. Not everyone is sperm enjoyer like you

Koishianon gonna freak...

she killed millions

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Futo is cute!
Futo is fluffy!
Futo embodies silly hats and ribbons!
Futo has the best feng shui!
Futo has an ridiculously endearing old-timey accent!
Futo knows hundreds of party tricks!
Futo is a master of juggling and improvised weaponry!
Futo doesn't get out much, but always stays in great shape!
With her divination, Futo always knows the best times to cuddle!
Futo moonlights as a viking raider!
How did those fireballs get behind you? Futo is a master tactician!
Futo is compact and portable!
Futo will break all your dishes, but only in a good way!
Futo's esoteric Taoist training gives her excellent stamina (if you know what I mean)!

Futo is the best! Buddhists a shit!

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