What's the Any Forumserdict?

what's the Any Forumserdict?

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tripwire had the most simplistic game to make, and still managed to fuck it up

Râpée râpé cum cum Mario 666

it was fun in 2016, when it came out
6 years ago

I liked it fine. Haven't played in a few years. The wannabe-TF2 hat shit was pathetic but I liked some of the addon stuff like the bizarre Gary Busey Santa which I always used. I still find KF1 the better horror game but KF2 is fine so whatever

they fucked up their gunfeel bad adding tanky enemies as the game got older

I wish i got into this game when it came out. looked stupid fun. but i know i wouldn't stick around for the long run

It was alright. Had my fun but I got burnt out from it years ago.

It's now owned by Embracer Group.
It's ogre.

i thought embrace is baste and redpulled.
thq nordic sure is and they were made by embracer after they purchased thq.

They never should have released early access. The moment the game launched nobody cared anymore.

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Better than dead by daylight and left for troons.

>EDAR Traps you with his lazerbeam gun from behind
>Gets killed by a bunch of clots

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Inferior to the first game in every way.

Fun mindless co-op shooter, blowing zeds away and painting rooms red is very satisfying, huge variety of weapons to do it with even ignoring the lazy reskins, and banging tunes that I was surprised to learn were actually from a Christian rock band


It holds significance to me as the first time I really noticed what would come to be known as SJWs/woketards/faggots culture warring video games as it was the first title I saw personally where the lead dev of Tripwire said on their forum that they would be having a policy of potential permanent CD-Key bans for being "offensive" ingame.

What's with coop horde shooters adding stupid robots?
It was stupid when KF2 did it and even stupider when DRG did it

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>better graphics
>better hitboxes
>better weapon animations
in what way is it inferior in every way? did you play kf1 when you were young and now think its perfect or what? it does have better atmosphere though

they should've stole the zedternal mod (((idea))) and integrated it into the game fully and developped the game around it, instead, they're jut adding retarded looking cosmetics that even zoomers don't want

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No "Insult Players" option automatically makes KF2 an inferior game.