Muh japan

>muh japan

i'm tired
why are westerners so obsessed with japan?

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look at this dog

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ass creed is just running out of locations

bruh the moment that sword unsheathed i legit soiyfaced irl on god nocap

I don't think it will do as well as Valhalla, ask yourself who are the AC fanbase and how big is the crossover between Vikings fans and weebs

Valhalla was literally the most profitable AC

it's just the vocal minority that want that boring ass samurai desu ka shit. fucking anime heads

>give the "fans" what they always wanted; a chink shit history lesson
>its in the new assassins creed format of "Infinity" and will therefore be released before its ready and filled with bugs
based Ubisoft. never do chink shit again after this.

>joined at the hip to ubuysoft’s live service obssession
>already beaten to the punch by Ghost of Tsushima
What’s the point?

constantly teased of a Altair remake/remaster all summer and now we havent got one. Especially as theyve been making Baghdad assets. The crusades are the birthplace of these orders it should be fleshed out more.

Revelations gives you the cliffnotes of Altairs life after AC1, I mainly want an AC1 remake because everyone says the setting is cool but the controls are janky, sort that out and it could jump up to being one of the good AC games

it is a very good setting. set against the 2nd & 3rd crusade the game as a remaster could cover the entire Levant; Jerusalem all way up to Antioch and as far inland as Baghdad

so what the fuck are hexe, japan and china? is this mobile shit? The china one just looked BAD.

I don't think weebs play AssCreed, nor anything without underaged anime characters in it

What was Ubisoft thinking

Are we getting a new Tenchu game? Neat.

>worst AC the most profitable
I can see that happening


i went to an animecon cosplaying ezio and fucked a bitch, they seem into it for the designs at least

Any ruined all forms of entertainment

Get fucked retarded gaijins who are too stupid to learn Japanese.

I mastered the Japanese language, I immersed myself into the Japanese history, I watched more cute Japanese feet than you can even imagine.
While you were playing World of Warcraft, I was learning Heisig. While you were playing GTA, I was grinding Anki. While you were playing Counter Strike, I was grinding Japan's history through university press books from universities like Oxford and Cambridge. While you were laying in bed and procrastinating, I was training with my 刀. While you were consooming Western garbage, I was mastering the Japanese language and wrote my PhD dissertation in Japanese.

There is nothing more based on earth than Japan. There is nothing better on earth than Japan. Japan and Japanese are the only reason I live. The only reason I even bother with with earth. It is the only beauty god has ever created on earth. The land of the Rising Sun, the land god choses to visit first when a new day starts.

You will it ze goyslop. You will consoom ze Western media. You will work for ze wage. You will never have a deep relationship to your wife. You will follow ze Western law of depression and suffering.

You will never understand the Japanese language or anything else Japan related. You will never see the only beauty of the world, because your life is property of others. Only the chosen people are allowed to enjoy and immerse themself in the only beauty on earth. The beauty we call "Japan".

The West has no culture.

keep seething bugmen, this theme will always be more popular than your chink shithole. meanwhile all you get is a mobile game AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAOOOOOOO