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bump jesus fucking Christ, it’s already the 11th here in America are you Bongs that depressed from Lizzie dying come on I actually like 9/11 memes

S-s-s-SPOT ON!

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911 already? Feels like this year's really flying by.

fucking kek op. here's a classic

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ikr. feels like i watched dune just some months ago when it was in fact right after halloween or before

Wild how time flies huh?

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idk, it's just felt like like that for the last 2 months or something. otherwise it's been going excruciatingly slow. i just hvae nothing to remember from between halloween until recently

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>Russia actually did
>uropoors are falling apart, while slavs are murdering each other
USA wins again

War has ...changed

I hate that flying became harder because of covid than the good ol days

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Everywhere is kinda fucked right now, and the future is uncertain. But one thing is for sure certain.

The memeability of Sundowner

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Only boomers and unironic monarcucks care about Elizabeth dying

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Only reason I cared was because my irish bloodline vibrated with joy. Hope she's having fun in hell with Maggie.

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Red Sun is probably the best Any Forums sings too.

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I wonder if the Jannies are gonna delete threads again this year like last year

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after seeing the constant barrage of shitty revengence status vids on my feed, it’s refreshing to see a classic meme. here’s to the good ol’ days

oh, it's already 11/9 again

What's so bad about war crimes anyway

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don't give them ideas