Elden Ring Lore Thread

I finally finished the game but I missed all the lore threads when it initially came out. What did I miss? 10/10 game

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I don't give a fucking shit about "lore"

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>finished the game
Then you have experienced the extent of the lore.

You kill all of God's kids, her exes, her dog, and her higher-up God, so you can bang her and make a new pantheon
Simple as that

some geeric ass writing made to make you ask more questions then give you answers, so you will buy ER 2.

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>cheating on sellen
sounds gay.

they arent even planning to make dlc lol

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u missed a lot of ranni tranny, sellen feet, and so on. Not much



He's lying moron
In what universe does bandai not squeeze dlc out of from soft

Honestly I'm dumb and got filtered keeping track of the names.

The lore is literally fake, not as in im just mad that it's obtuse and ambiguous i mean they literally jumbled around half of the names and connections for things shortly before release. If you come across a particular story thread that doesn't seem to fit in properly somewhere or has a bizarre mysterious association with something that it shouldn't it's because there was genuinely no plan and the devs did not put extensive thought into it.

Elden Ring lore is shit. In fact ALL of Soulshit lore is terrible, why do normies eat this shit up? Japs can't into continuity, consistency and good world building.

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SoulsBorne lore is so retarded.

None of the more makes sense. The characters just speak half assed old English so normies eat it up and think it's "intelligent" when in reality it's retarded. Only the gameplay is worth talking about.

barely noticed this was one of the reason the lore was more forefront than the usual Soulsbornes but still even more impenetrable.

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It really is, this game in particular was all drummed up by having that fat fuck George R.R Martin as the writer, but what the actual fuck did he even contribute? It reads off exactly as the same nonsensical, disjointed, no continuity and structure bullshit since Demon Souls. Did he only make the demigod family names?

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Holy shit this projection

Miquella is trying to beckon an Eclipse for Godwyn
I think that and the Haligtree it's going to be the key point of a sequel or expansion, maybe even give a 5th mending rune.

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>Npc dies suddenly and immediately after the end of their quest because...because he just does okay?!
Sure bud.

There is no lore. There is only desperate autists trying to piece together a puzzle missing 996 pieces and only having the corners.

>I cant remember 15 names
>this is a flaw of the writing
You having the memory capacity of a 95 year old is not the developers problem

Everyone above this post is a brainlet filtered by basic subtext in writing/media that will piss and shit themselves if it isn't spoonfed to them. Ironically they will bring up Tolkien as some sort of counterpoint when he did this too, but no one her has actually read a book. Different themes in his Fantasy, sure. Tolkien is the GOAT so I'm by no means dissing him.

>Npc dies suddenly and immediately after the end of their quest because...because he just does okay?!
Show me 5 examples that die for no reason
Actually no, show me 1.


Hey. Notice something? G. R. M. Now who's the big collaborator on this game?

same universe sekiro didnt get dlc

He did some basic worldbuilding for it like 4 years ago. He even said in an interview that he was just brought on to do some basic worldbuilding and had no idea the state the game was in because they never went back to him. That's good too because Martin is a dogshit writer for normies who want to feel cool for subverting old fantasy to be edgy.

Sekiro didn't sell nearly well enough.

I like all the stuff involving the Three Fingers and Shabriri

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The game's lore and story is actually really interesting. You just have to read a lot, and be open to the idea that some things are purposefully vague. Any Forums will make fun of this, but if it's a vibe you dig, it's a vibe you dig.

He worked himself to death creating a new school of magic

It sold more than DS2 and BB, both of which got DLC

Ask a question about the lore. More often than not, there's an explanation.


A universe which relies on telling the story of the world via papernotes on every single item is trash.

Why? Doesn't Any Forums hate cinematic movie games? The Souls formula literally uses the medium of video games as its strength.

>worked himself to death in a game where death doesn't work
loI, lmao even. Okay Fromtroon how about you mental gymnastic these

The average Any Forums user is a midwit who feels very insecure about his own intelligence, so will lash out at anything that makes them feel like they aren't smart or "don't get it" even if the point is that you don't get all of it by design. Rather than allow such a game to exist and simply not partake, they have to attack it so they don't feel that there intelligence has been challenged.

They fucked up by not having the ice doll lady equipped on you somewhere and she could be spoken to about stuff you find. Or she starts talking whenever you get near something. Toggle it off by unequipping her.

She was clearly a selling point of the game.

pls think of the inflation

lmao you are literally asking for Horizon Forbidden West tier material, where characters just talk and describe things as you pass them by. Bro, are you a dev? Are you a fucking Horizon dev?

Unalloyed Golden Order when?

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