Bravely Default


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What the hell is going on in this scene? Was she seriously spending a moment in a kids movie drawing her hands over her body and realizing her curves?

What the hell did this have to do with anything?

People back in the day weren't a bunch of Faggots who couldn't handle an attractive female character being sexy

Doesn't this bitch literally die if she doesn't get enough attention? lel females

this game was ruined by padding
secuel was better but nobody play it

Liked the first game a lot but Bravely Second is not hooking me at all over 20 hours in. Is Bravely Default 2 cool?

Filmmakers had balls back then, and they were still allowed to draw sexy things.

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How many people do you think spilled their gamer goo to that one frame?

That's completely normal female behaviour

midway through playing it rn. i set the difficulty to hard initially but found it aggrivatingly difficult. the music carries so fucking hard, the mechanics and dialouge are kinda fun though

I really miss old disney and hand drawn animation.

You don't understand, there were better times back then

Better enjoy it while you can, soon they will make a live action version, and Tinkerbell will be a nog troon with vitiligo.

It's already planned can't wait to see what color everyone is I'm sure hook will still be white.

Damn, you just know Yoshida built the fairies while looking at Tinkerbell, look at that waist-hip ratio.

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Sequel as in Second? Man I had fun with the new jobs.

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Once upon a time people actually appreciated beauty instead of worshiping ugliness.

Stupid little slut. I will crumple her body beneath the girth of my meat rod. She is puny enough to visibly view my seamen swarm wriggling across her form like a swathe of maggots, wriggling into her wet orifices. I hope she cries.

Meant to keep papa entertained as well as the little ones.

Better days.

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The actual reason is that she's jealous that Peter Pan likes Wendy a little too much and she looks for reassurance in how she looks like most women would.

sexy fairies are more trustworthy

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It must be so embarrassing for her, an older girl, late teens or young adult, to be so fucking outclassed physically by Wendy, essentially still a child. She could shove Tink in her gash or squeeze her between her growing breasts, there is nothing she could do about it. She is a toy Pete would jerk off with a throw in the corner, but now he has Wendy that he can insert the full growth of his tool into in multiple ways and satisfy himself in ways the bug never could.

>play through the game 5 more times CUNT
>town management? What town management? That was just influenced by phone games LOL, LMAO
>fuck you! You're so stupid for playing the game! Haha!

I see a fairy, I kill it.

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Fun fact: In the original book Tinkerbell planed to get Wendy killed.