How did you think of your gamertag?

How did you think of your gamertag?

I was always dissatiffied with mine and changed it throughout my life.

I'm trying to think of a new one now and I've realized I have to be creative with it, I can't just make up some random meaningless shit with a random generator, I have to craft a cool name and give it a little thought.

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Call yourself faglord for how much of a fag you're lording

first name + last name, it's literally that easy op


Think of how others will preceive you

>Take your name
>Add "Sir" to it
>Reverse it and remove any spaces
For example, if your name is "Robert", your gamertag shall be "Treborris"

I looked at a video game with the most retarded title ever, then I replaced a word with an animal.

Trebor sux

Im fine with mine. Made it after looking at game names and going from there. Ended up coming up with a "less serious" name as an alt and I enjoy that name, too.

I was that kid that had dark_sepiroth666xxx_ as my gamertag

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One syllable. All caps. Real word. I can't tell you how many times people have complimented my name even tho it's literally just "GULP".

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still mad at you dude
fucking my mom?
not cool

most of this board is underaged

If you had a 360 when it came out, you're an adult. Even if you had one a couple years in, you're almost guaranteed to be an adult.

My gamertag was RuralCrab for over a year (default) before I bothered changing it. Canadian Leaf for about 12 years now, can't say It's my favorite but I've never thought of anything worth changing it too


I like using alliteration.

Give me a better name and I'll change it right now, still have a free one from some years ago

auto generated in dawn of war soulstorm, just kept using it since.

I just wanted something cool sounding and was short.
Take inspiration from other people or games.

based bumbling butterface
i usually go with OrgasmicOedipus


I've just been using my nickname since i was a kid. yes i'm uncreative as fuck, how could you tell?

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I had a hardon for Captain Price and Soap. so I thought why dont I add "Captain [Noun]"