so uhh yeah disgaea 7 is a thing, thoughts? I skipped 6 since it looks like shit and this game is still using the ugly 3d models doesnt look mutch better but at least there more classes this time

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well i guess no one cares

user its like 1am. The most replies you’ll get are probably by neets or eurofags.

Anyways yeah 6 is shit and I’m not looking forward to 7….. the gacha is actually pretty fun tho

>More 3D SHIT.
Disgaea using 3D character models is way too fucking soon for NIS.
They fucking bombed 6 and this one is going to bomb too.
5 had some cool shit but they had the chance to reduce the end game grind properly and fucked it up.
We need something closer to 4 if the series is going to survive.
For real this is really tiresome holy what the fuck.
At least Labyrinth of Refrain Moon Society is going to get localized within a year.

6 killed this series. Unless they go back to hd sprite again, nobody is going to care anymore.


I dont even get why use models, They have so many sprites at this point I would imagine its more cost effective to use them, plus the gachas thats going uses sprites too

6 is underrated, even though it's flawed and a step back from 5. Really looking forward to 7, they seem to have fixed the problems with generics from 6 and all the new stuff looks cool.

Will Magical Girl Laharl be in it?

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probably not, why is he a girl this time anyway?

I'm not sure. I think someone made an appeal to the Dark Assembly.

6 literally sold higher than prior expectations for the series, the models are (sadly) staying

I don't really think the models are much worse than the sprites. The thing about the sprites is that every fucking character just has the same five or six poses. Unique characters have one or two animations that only they have, but most of their poses and animations are identical.

>Hey, I wonder if D6 ever came out on Steam--

What were they thinking, holy shit

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Disgaea 6 Complete is technically a "new" product so it hasn't gone on sale or received a price drop yet.

The problem with turning into a girl just once is that the girl version is way more popular than the male version among the people that every single day you're gonna have some schmuck walk up to the Dark Assembly and ask to change Laharl into a girl again. And the thing is whenever someone wants to turn Laharl into a girl, it's always a unanimous decision with literally all in favor, so it's an EXTREMELY easy bill to pass.

So every single day Laharl has to beat the shit out of the Dark Assembly so that he can change back.

>this game is still using the ugly 3d models
They stepped away from the sprites because that shit is too expensive and time consuming, especially since the sprite definition kept increasing. 3D models can be easily ported and reused. As long as portrait and promotional art isn't 3D, it's fine to me.

I picked up the game a little over a week ago. Missed one of the collab chars. Right now I'm not even sure if Item World is worth it because it just seems like busy work since it doesn't use AP.

I like Konosuba Fantastic Days more. It actually gives players a reason to collect more characters because of boss elemental weaknesses and skill synergies.

>Labyrinth of Refrain Moon Society
what is this bro

He's referring to Labyrinth of Galeria, the sequel to the edgy dungeon crawler by the Witch and the Hundred Knights guy!


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How come Laharl's Netherworld doesn't have a fancy name? Come to think of it, neither does Val's.