Beta 1.7 was the peak of Minecraft

Beta 1.7 was the peak of Minecraft

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Sorry kid but this site is for adults.

Anyone who remembers 1.7 when it was new is an adult in 2022.

>old version with less features is just better because.... IT JUST IS OK??? ACK IM 41%

>Playing Minecraft

summer's over newfag

Someone who was ten in 2011 is twenty-one years old in 2022.


Beta 1.7.3 with mods = pure soul

>new version with useless bullshit that makes the game bloated and complicated good because... IT JUST IS OKAY??? ACK IM 41%

For me, it's beta 1.6.4

what mods should I try? I've only played Better Than Adventure so far

1.3.2 was peak minecraft, jungle update and much more

Beta 1.5*

The problem is that none of the new features are good.
I want to go caving without half my inventory being filled with shitty blocks that don't even look good for decoration.
Hunger contributes literally nothing and is just a solved system with how much food you can get from literally everything.
The Nether was meant to be uninhabitable, not filled with its own source of wood, food and trading with NPCs that give you a ton of shit.
The worst part is that all of their features are so half-assed that I'd rather just download a modpack that goes full ass with everything.
If I wanted more overworld structures I'd play something like RAD which has meaningful ones.
If I wanted more bosses I'd do the same thing, instead of waiting several months for Mojang to add the Warden which is easy to cheese and drops nothing decent because "lol ur not SUPPOSED to kill this killable mob, he's just meant to guard this place btw it's easy to stop him from spawning"

>Mojang adds [mob]... and drops nothing decent
This is the worst part of every they add, a bunch of completely useless mobs. Bat, Polar Bears, Pandas, Foxes, the fucking Allay from a vote, all useless. The Glow Squid, the mob that a lot of people hate, is one of the best mobs they've added because it serves a purpose, Glow Ink.

I was almost 18 when 1.7 came out. I was literally still posting on here

Based and truthpilled. Hit the nail on the head. All the bloated features have killed the games bittersweet melancholy that made it so unique for me.

Instead of all the hybrid RPG nonsense they’ve done Mojang should made modding accessibility their focus. I’m thinking a menu browser with easy installs etc. not

I hate the villagers so much everything that felt unique about minecraft was pretty much removed in one shitty update
what point is building anything when I can steal some squidward's house and even if I did build a giant wall around the village to defend them it does nothing because raids spawn anywhere

What's the point in building anything when you can just live in a cave?

Minecraft has never been and never will be a good game. You're fooling yourself if you think otherwise

but there was no caves back then at least real ones
you had little tiny indents inside a hill or mountain that weren't even more than 5 blocks deep as far as my memory serves

Its pretty impressive how a 2 billion dollar IP has only gotten worse with every update while Terraria slowly evolved from 2d minecraft into an epic full length RPG

>you had little tiny indents inside a hill or mountain
Yes, comfy.

For me it's Beta 1.7.3 with the old cobblestone texture