Any Forums insists on saying that this game was a patreon scam and that the devs blew all the money on frivolous shit...

>Any Forums insists on saying that this game was a patreon scam and that the devs blew all the money on frivolous shit rather than making the game
>when it's actually coming out for real in 19 days
>coincidentally, one of the VAs was revealed to have positive opinions on taiwan around the time of the accusations

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Don't know the context of this one but a lot of EA games that "come out for real" are just the devs shipping the still unfinished game as a "final product" and washing their hands of things. I've seen it happen more times than I'd like to count.

I doubt they plan on shitting out the game as it is and running for the hills since they've been dumping money on the IP through promotional material and side media such as a manga series
that doesn't necessarily mean the final game's gonna be good though

september 2022... I'm forgotten...

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i don't really think Any Forums gives regard to what seiyuu say. that's more a /jp/ angle

people here made a big stink about the VAs being v-tubers though

What people should be criticising them for is the console versions of the game getting mutually exclusive costumes while the PC version gets nothing.

they'll get modded in

pretty much this
EA games getting a 1.0 release is basically just the EA version but with like an ending or credits, nothing anything substantial

Official Nobeta JAV is inevitable at this point

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Let's go, that will be so kino. Now if only we get Nobeta junior idol cosplay as well


You can't just say that.

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The chinese autists have a vendetta against the game because of the Hololive vtuber VAs and review bombed it on Steam for a while. I just assumed that some retards here thinks that "hating vtubers" makes them bros and they have to push it too (chinks love vtubers, it's just this company that cut ties with China over Taiwan drama and they've been sperging about them ever since)


Not that user but all I'm expecting is a few more levels of the same quality as the demo.
>but that's all I want
That's fine. Some of use just hoped more effort would be put into the quality of the actual game instead of building up a brand most of all.
At the end of the day, it only cost me $10 and if the price is right for the full game then whatever. But there was that brief period of time where the game had the potential to be more. Maybe nobeta 2 will be that game.

Uh, nobeta bros, I thought your dev was based. What the fuck is this hag?


You fucking posers get the FUCK out of this thread

>Not that user but all I'm expecting is a few more levels of the same quality as the demo.
We haven't really seen anything outside of the "demo" so we really have no idea.


Why the fuck do they keep doing this.

Nobeta in game is obvious JS body type but this """"official"""" art is JC bullshit. I'm not sure I want to support that.

This is like the LRD of video games.

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Weren't nipples shown in older picture behind the wet tshirt?

Demon Turfism?

>noo it's not elementary enough, too middle school
As long as it's not JK who gives a shit?

Nobeta in Osaka

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Nobeta is 18yo, she's a JD

theres a demo


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The tgs trailer last year didn't look any different.

Fuck off, the body type is all that matters. If they keep advertising her as some pubescent slut, then the game model should reflect that at least.

Is the slut on the left from Nobeta?

the fuck is that?

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Probably a PR move to make the game more marketable. I don't see why else they'd do it.

she has panties with a heart shaped opening on the back

>Why the fuck do they keep doing this.
It's because the dev commissions different artists. Her body isn't consistent between them.