Master Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing in that ship?

Master Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing in that ship?

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peanus weanus

completing the assignment, boss

Sir, finishing the fight

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The remastered cutscenes and gameplay look worse than the original. Its also insulting that they put in the redesigned elites in the remaster.
But I'll give them the sound design was a lot better.

He flew pretty good.

"Dilating, Xir"


>Doing my job retard, now fuck off you old faggot and let me work
Did anyone else think this was a really out of character moment for the Chief?

Getting out of this gay earth, fag

>With al due respect, "sir", that's none of your fucking business

>"Sir, starting this fight"
>*Wake Up by RatM starts playing*

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>Gonna go get me some tight alien pussy, you feel me?
Gonna be honest I really wasn't expecting him to say that.

Kek I'm now imaging Chief crashing a plane into the world trade center while listening to Wake Up on a shitty ipod

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>I count 2 towers

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I like the new cutscenes. It was one of the few things the remake did remarkably well. Except for that one scene with the covenant dropship flying backwards.

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i hate arbiter looking down like a depressed fag when he says 'that makes two of us' instead of resolutely meeting the shipmaster's eyecontact. also makes shipmasters response look like a sneer of disgust rather than a grunt of disdain mixed with some respect

They made that mistake twice. The assault carrier that glasses the temple at the end of Regret is facing the wrong way


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No one plays H2 on anniversary graphics outside of 1st time playing it to compare.

>His full name was Clint Hood

fucking hell