Itt: the only game worth playing in a franchise

I'll start.

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stale bait

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this and judgement yes.

>clear the cabaret club story missions
>lose all interest in the rest of the game

judgment is boring garbage

here's your pc port steamie. you can stop the seethe now

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Yakuza 7 is better

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try a little harder next time, 2/8 bait

At least post the right one, faggot.
Ishin > 0 = K2 > the rest > dead souls
I don't care what anyone says, don't bother replying to me.

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based but your arrows are pointed the wrong way

thanks, still waiting for talladega nights steam port

twd telltale went downhill after s2e1 and its really disappointing thats the case. s3 is still a guilty pleasure for me personally, though that may just be because you get to cuck your older brother
0 and k2 were the best of the franchise distilled into one package. every other game is the same shit but with different wallpaper
ok, daigo

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Nah man, if you can only play one DMC game it has to be this one. DMC1 is a good foundation though

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Literally the worst one

The other ones are still worth playing though but this one is kind of the best starting point, story, soundtrack, and all the mechanics

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it's friday night, party tonight

explain how 0 is worse than 1 or 3

judgement is trash

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best game overall but thug2 has the edge with buttslaps and all the other trick exploits


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Specifically vanilla btw. Fuck golden

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This series peaked on the first game.

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I've only played Yakuza 3 and 4 on PS3 and I think that's the best way to have experienced it.

I really don't remember Yakuza 3 being that bad at least not any worse the bullshit in Yakuza 4 or the health regain shit in Kiwami 1

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The only FF game I've beaten aside from XV and that's because it was a rental I beat I'm 2 days and hated.

7 sucks, 6 sucks, fuck FF, fuck FFTA. But FFT is in my top 10 games easily.

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The best Dark Souls is any game that isn't Dark Souls.

but it's too hard :(


The trolls have arrived