Try to have an argument with Vert

>Try to have an argument with Vert
>”yeah but i have like big giant boobs so, i win. lol”
do this bitch doesn’t have any other argument?

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sounds like something only a chestlet would get mad about

She is for Nyamota cock!

I mean, soumd like a winning argument. Can you refute that she has giant tits in way way?

Vert is such a breeding cow
post more

Do you really expect more from a series as shit as Neptunia

Microsoft in a nutshell.
>i have a giant as fuck bank account, i win

She's a fucking NEET yuri fujo game-addicted Goddess. And she's one and one of the few genuinely great characters in that setting.
She can make whatever fucking argument she wants and it would be kosher. Also it was a fucking mistake to reboot her thing for Iffy after Neptunia 1; way cuter with Iffy than with Nepgear, but both would have been fine.

I don’t. But that’s what I like about Neptunia, they give me what I expect

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In the next game they should give her two sister. Acti-sha and Bethe-sha. Their backstory is that Vert outright brought them to be their sisters

That's not bad, user. Great idea. Both of their personalities would be so shitty, though.

Acti-sha would just be a straight cunt. No tsunedere shit unlike Noire. Bethe-sha would sometimes have expelling errors and use the wrong words mid-sentence. Maybe sometimes she uses an emoticon instead of a word

we know Blanc.

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>character who's defining trait is supposed to their big ol tiddies but just looks normal sized in official art
>character who's defining trait is supposed to be tiddie envy because she flat but just look indistinguishable from every other loli that the series mostly consist of

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There's at least a few characters with tits as big, or bigger.

buy her figure

loweefags cope, seethe, and get rimmed by cfw trick

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It's an entirely valid point.

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I'm I the only one who finds Vert kind of sad? She's pretty lonely but nobody realizes, and it isn't played for laughs like with Noire. And she barely deserves it either.