What kind of person plays as Gouki, the Master of the Fist?

What kind of person plays as Gouki, the Master of the Fist?

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imagine if he made holes on his crotch area and started shitting on purpose before fighting haha


I just like the bad guy aesthetic.


this. I thought he looked awesome as fuck at age 7 and I've never changed from that opinion

Me, he's like the main chara but evil.
I also like vegeta and iori. I'm mexican, brw.

as a character he doesn't really have a goal, or even an antagonist
he murdered a bunch of people and blows up national monuments, but also seems to just live normally for decades doing nothing in particular beyond menacing some other weirdos

The fruit salesman's daily life is a modest one.

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people that unlock it on xmen children of the atom

Autistic 12 year old Mexican.

Either idiots or people who know what they are doing.

I thought his name was Akuma.

People who's already good at shotos and want a consistently viable one


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He lives by the fist, he's chill outside of battle and only kills if you're worthy of a battle to the death, he's not really evil, he's just extremely pragmatic and bloodthirsty

Well what the fuck was I supposed to do? NOT pick thr Ryu clone that could throw fireballs mid jump?


My cousin. I like playing Sagat.

black niggas

i like it when the crowd chants along the air fireballs