The great debate

The great debate

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more like debait

both are the same thing just different perspectives, what is the debate?

you don't get shot upwards if a hula hoop drops on you from the sky

unless you're covered in oil hehe...

Portals can't be placed on moving surfaces.

>pretending to be retarded in 2k22

You're mom can't be placed in a moving portal

moving relative to what?

>muh frame
Hoola hoop

Good thing portals don't work like hula hoops

they do

They've never been shown working otherwise.
The velocity of the portal doesn't affect things passing through it, or else the portal on the moon during the ending of Portal 2 should've accelerated Chell to 2,300 miles an hour when she passed through it. She would've been fucking vaporized.

she wasn't moving 2300 miles an hour relative to the moon retard

And the cube in the OP image isn't moving at all.
There's nothing to impart energy on it. Portals don't impart energy regardless of how fast they are moving.

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why wouldn't this work?

it does.
ive done it before.

Welcome to A faggots point of view, they don't understand that.

post webm or it didn't happen.

Because the rain will slide off of you before it lifts you up. You need to cover yourself in oil then find something with as much density as a waterfall in order to gain height.

You need a frame external to the entire thing.

That is retarded and violates conservation of momentum