Splatoon 3

Whats your go to special right now? For me it’s sharkfu.

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You HAVE beat Cohozuna, right user?

Cohozuna sounds like food.

Yeah but it only gave me like 10 bronze clams

i can't beat Cohozuna

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Why is it such a good stage

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Please tell me I can get him back, I don’t want a new statue.

even if it’s 1M Golden Scales worth, is buy it

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Not yet. Fucker keeps sitting on boss Salmonids and eggs.

For me it's sex with Marina.

How to get gold clams? I know it's something to do with the boss Salmonoids but I've beaten one before and I didn't get any I miss the Sting Ray. I can't get past Profreshional + 1.

>stay loyal to the octo race
>get kidnapped and turned into zombies
>last of the survivors got kidnapped and turned into mammals

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I got two silver.

He's still the one talking during the missions

Sio what's the appeal of the gacha in the hub?

Just gettin tickets for absurd monkey rates?

da ba da ba ba ba
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da ba da ba ba ba


This is the worst Special in this game, right?
I’d rather have an useless bubbler in Salmon Run than this.

It’s only “useful” in Tower Control, but almost every special does a better job

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Beat him the first time I saw him.
Have not beat him since then because every other boss salmonid keeps being a fucking faggot fly fish, drizzler or steelhead, making us wait to even actually damage or kill them while having to dodge Cohozuna among the rest of the hell happening. Plus the current map is absolute ass for fighting him.

Pre-recorded messages

Nogami had to nerf it from the fucking broken INSANITY it was back in Splat 1. All Specials there were utterly broken beyond belief.

For those of you unsatisfied with the story, what would you have done instead?

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The only bad special is the Trizooka. It has less of a hitbox than the fucking Angle Shooter.

ROTM music is so good

Have Callie step out of the TV and forcibly marry each player.

He has to have an automated way to handle his business locations. He's clearly spending his time in alterna researching and building the furry rocket.

Click the gacha tab and it'll tell you what it can drop.

Do you think Salmon Run lobbies will get keywords too? Would make it easy to team up with anons.

I’m going full schizophrenic for Grizzco in this game.

-> I want to form a full deck of Salmon Run Cards.
-> Locker full of Grizzco stickers.
-> Grizzco Tag
-> Want a Mr. Grizz statue for my locker.
-> Plan to buy the whole Grizzco store ASAP.
-> Teddy band is part of my Inkling’s Head now.

twice. one time was with 1 second left. I can carry scrub 5 kill octofaggots to a wave 3 win, but unless everyone is carrying their weight the king will live. Is their any secret to killing it besides blasting it with eggs?

Why the fuck is Trizooka not in Salmon Run, yet, useless ass Inkstrike stays present?

How do you get shells in Salmon run? Has anyone got a gold one?

Are you ready to apologize?

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Just did it on Profreshional +3 for the first time after a half-dozen attempts. That shit is mad hard.

In a rotation where the weapons have better DPS, maybe. In the current one I'm pretty sure it's all/mostly egg damage.

Inkstrike can destroy big groups of enemies while piercing armored/invincible bosses. It's great in Salmon Run.

apologize for what? not aborting her sooner?

It's weird that you can put passwords but only on games with friends. I'd also really like to play with Any Forums.


Did you got a golden fish scale? i got a silver one by failing the fight