Default sprint button isn't tab

>default sprint button isn't tab
>default crouch button isn't ctrl

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in what fucking year has tab ever been the default sprint button?

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Do you mean shift, for sprint?

Sprint is A crouch is U

But tab is the map/inventory button

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Tab is for map. Shift is sprint.

>sprint button isn't tab
Yeah. It's not.

Tab is closer to W than shift.

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literally never. Shift has always been default sprint since as long as I can remember

you don't activate sprint with the same finger that holds down W you braindead weeb retard

You should act like emacsfags and use caps lock for it then

middle finger for W, ring finger for shift

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>posters in thread are cute
>don't know how to tell them that they're cute

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abandon thread, its over


I can thank God for that

oh its another "weeb avatarfag is going through a manic episode" thread

Starbros, is there any chance of S2 on the twentieth anniversary?

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shift is pinky finger

>c to crouch
>tab for inventory
>z and x for left and right inventory
>f to use item
Yep, it's gaming time.

Has kyoani done anything ever since they finished that VE movie with the remaining staff?