Ice level

>ice level
>the music has sleigh bells in it

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Name 2 games besides DKC 3

another scorcher!

Kh2fm (cheating since it's literally Santa's house)

You'll call ___.

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Diddy Kong Racing

>tfw have not had AC since I've been living on my own for the last 15 years
>every summer theres like 3 weeks of hell where I can barely sleep
I hate have those gay ass giant sliding windows that AC's dont work with and fuck buying overpriced portable units

Someone filmed the Sears from my childhood going out of business.


its like a game server or something finally going offline

That reminds me. I found out about "Desert Submarines" today.
Back in 1920's Arizona, before modern cooling, workers would go in this tin house that was partially underground and covered in burlap. Water would drip from above and the evaporation cooled it roughly 30*F.
I want a game to feature such things.

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I have no attachment to Sears but that shit looks just fucking like my childhood Zellers when it was closing up shop. Fucking Target ruined the best department store Canada had.

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I fucking love this trope
3 off the top of my head

>zellers post
>canadians every time

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>Desert level
>Sitar sounds

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>Underwater level
>No explicit bubbles, yet, music evokes them
A slightly abstract feel

>Island/tropics level
>steel drum/reggae inspired music

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mfw the link was the exact track I was thinking about reading your comment

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>city level

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well, i bought the overpriced portable ones and they were worth every cent.

>winter time
>play snow levels
>max comfy

>Star Wars game
>Ice Level
>It's the Hoth battle theme

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Super Mario 64

Nights I think? Christmas nights.

>sleeping level
>bgm fades and replaced with music box sounds

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>play GTA 4
>you have to sleep to save
>the way niko just flops down in the bed makes me really tired for some reason
>start doing it IRL each time
>been doing it since 2008

>enter snow level
>open bedroom window so snow starts blowing in and the temperature drops to -10 inside while I'm playing

Shadows of the Empire had a better ost than most games and it's just Star Wars track segments looped. They don't even match the setting even (Echo Base has part of the original movie's Battle of Yavin track and Gall Spaceport plays parts of the Cloud City segment). Star Wars music just hits different

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>wrap up in a blanket with some hot chocolate

>dat train level music

My man

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lol it was perfect for the feeling of anxiety that "platforming" gave young me

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I remember going to Target in Vancouver right before it died, it looked just like

Eight eight eight, two three hundred __________