This is a Japanese artillery shell

This is a Japanese artillery shell.

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Go back phoneposting trooner zoomer.

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and this is a fax machine

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bad bait


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your posting on a site based of a Japanese image board that has boards based on anime and Japanese culture and was made because something awful hated anime


>assblasted dilating tranny sneeding after getting called out for spamming tranime cant even tell the difference between “your” and “you’re”


git good and you don't need to Soul Canon

Years and years ago I was sitting in on a HOA meeting out of boredom, and one if the true blue Karen types takes the podium and starts ranting about "the fax hacker", and had a ten minute diatribe over how they're ruining her life by printing evil satanic stuff on it, and then held up a picture of a fairly decent (well, as good as a fax can represent) photoshop of her sucking Scooby-Doo's dick while wailing as tears ran down her face. It took every ounce of strength I had not to die laughing. I never attended another meeting because I knew I wouldn't manage a second round without breaking down and laughing or holding it in so hard I passed out.

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Tranime website

post it

and this is a anthro cat mother

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Some asshole co-worker of mine got mad at me one time because I asked him how to use the copy machine, I was only 21 and never had really used a copy machine because I was never in a situation where I needed to do so. I still remember he looked at me and said "Man, didn't you go to college? Don't you have a college degree? You don't know how to use a copy machine?"

Man did that piss me off, I remember going off on him and then leaving the room. He never apologized but I apologized to him. He then told me it was just a joke and he didn't know I'd get so upset, of course deep down I felt like he was jealous that I had a college education. He didn't, and it was obvious he was envious. I never acted like I was smarter than him either, of course I still think to this day you have a lot of college educated people who feel superior to non-college educated people and vice versa. It goes both ways.

I just thought it was a dick thing to say, granted I think he was like 19 or 20, we were both young and it was a shitty part-time job at a resale shop. He was pretty arrogant though, so I could see why he would have said something like that. He didn't like being looked down upon or being made to feel insecure, so he put others down to elevate himself.

No goat/horse/sheep/pig, no buy.

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I forgot they had milfs I mean parents, the beginning and end interacting with them was so short

yep. they saved the cute moms for those who played til the end

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Kemono > western furry
Nice posts

Thanks. It helps the style is of a storybook to give it that charm. makes it standout

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Britz's mom better be single because she is a qt

Hope CC2 recruits a bunch of kemono artists for chapter art again for Fuga2

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I hope they get more fanart but the sequel must be engaging

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As much as possible yes

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I wonder if any of these characters still wet the bed?