Decide maybe its time for a new controller

>decide maybe its time for a new controller
>want to go with ol' reliable since its compatible with almost everything on windows
>look up "xbox controller 2022" or whatever in amazon
>these things cost like 150 dollars and STILL use AA batteries
>what the fuck.png
>seriously the PS3 unlocked lithium ion technology like over a decade ago
>continue to use USB powered Xbox 360 controller ive had since like 2012
>pic related, but white

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You can buy wired Xbox one you fop
The dpad is way better and should be 60$

i forgot to ask, is there any reason to use anything else? i literally know nothing else

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yeah but i would have liked it to be wireless and not literally rely on AA batteries, like, when was the last time you used a AA battery, seriously.

Dualshock 4
For gyro.

use a M/K at that point
if you ask me AA batterie are Superior
use rechargeable ones , at that point there is no difference between this and and internal battery
you can swap them on the spot , which is much convenient

>decide maybe its time for a new controller
>buy the xbone controller
>feels decent but the Dpad is aids

>>these things cost like 150 dollars and STILL use AA batteries
This is a good thing

as long as were on the subject of controller batteries why does the dualshock 3 take half as long to charge as the dualshock 4 but last 3 times as long
what the fuck sony

it just seems dumb that i have to use a technology from like the late 90s (unless rechargable AA batteries have actually improved since then) and buy an entire device for it when literally everyone this decade is using internal lithium ion batteries,

Preference. I prefer dualshocks layout by a lot and also prefer the L and R buttons/triggers but it seems like most people prefer the 360 pad. I never understood the hype around the 360 controller and I hate the aesthetic the buttons have.



I am actually baffled at this do you know what a wired controller is it by definition doesn't use batteries

>have wired controller
>want to upgrade
>upgrades use AA batteries and 3rd party rechargeable batteries like some 3rd worlder from the early 2000's
>stick to the USB

its not hard to follow user

Why can't zoomers use punctuation? Is it mental retardation?

did zoomers really get indoctrinated into thinking that hot swappable batterie are inferior non removable ones ?

The rechargeables I use last over a day of use and I can hotswap them with new ones in like 10 seconds. Who gives a shit if its "old technology"? And lithium ion has been in use since at least the GBA SP so its not really that much newer.

Anyone ever buy a used controller? Did it have the brown skin gunk on it?

>a technology from like the late 90s
holy fuck how young are you

What's wrong with dualshock 4?

I was in the same boat.
got the expensive xboner AA controller. Worked fine for elden ring and then shortly after would no longer connect to my mobo through wireless.
I tried every fix I could find online and eventually just bought a usb-c and played with it plugged in.
then I became frustrated because I've bought this fancy expensive controller and I'm having to use it plugged in on my short cord was pissing me off.
So I swapped to one of the smash controllers that mimics the switch-pro (but is lower quality). this lasted a little bit. said controller used to be my 2nd favorite after the one pictured in OP.
after using the fancy new xbox controller for a month I couldn't stand the smash controller. felt too lightweight. buttons too clicky, not snappy at all. Damn near drove me insane.
Eventually I found on ebay that last year they used to have wireless dongles for win10 that work with the new controller and I've had no issues with wireless since getting one.

also forgot to mention my old xbox360 wired controller itself still worked fine, but I was having some windows related bug that has something to do with generic controller drivers. there's like a 250 page steam thread on the forums about this bug and it's total bullshit. Having the controller plugged in for 3+hours starts causing all of these weird issues with windows explorer.
I like the quality of the new xbox controller but the whole ordeal was incredibly frustrating/expensive

>Want to get a new controller
>Everything uses concave sticks now

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i bought 3 of these retarded shit and the wire got loose everytime
now I don't bother playing game with shit keyboard controls

PS controller is great but its annoying when the 4/10 times a game comes around that doesnt exactly work with it, and none of the in game UI matches the buttons of the controller, or I have to use 3rd party software to make it work

dont buy the ones without the x on the they are cheap Chinese knock offs

im mad at my self that I didnt buy like 10 PS3 controllers when they were still being made by sony.

it's actually pretty good

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Same, I have two official wired xbox 360 controllers and wires went bad on both even though I took good care of them. One still works but I have to wrap the cable around the controller.

At this point I'm willing to try any Xbox-like that doesn't have the same shitty face buttons as Microsoft's, but not many of them have teardowns to the board inside and a lot of them use Bluetooth which is trash.

Have you used an Xbox 360 controller? Does it compare favorably, or is it just "good enough"?

pretty sure you can find stuff that uses rf signals

Imagine thinking whatever cheapo garbage they put into a PSx controller to cost cut is a good thing and a viable alternative to third party options.

You should be using pic related user.

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Series X controller + Amazon Basics/ Eneloops.

Superior controller and superior batteries that you basically never have to recharge.

You want controllers to use AAs, so you can instantly "recharge" it by swapping the batteries.

Rechargable AAs are cheap.

i just remember these things being absolute shit and never working, maybe ive only had bad ones

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>You can buy wired Xbox one you fop
its out of stock on and amazon only has 3rd party ones