Nemesis system trademark

what do you think of it? do you think it will prevent other devs from making something cool?

>the patent protects the "Nemesis characters, nemesis forts, social vendettas and followers in computer games."

>This encompasses a hierarchy of procedurally-generated NPCs that interact with and remember the player's actions. The patent also covers changes to the NPCs' positions in the hierarchy, as well as their appearance and behaviour, again based on the actions of the player.

>Finally, it includes the Social Conquest battles from the 2017 sequel Shadow of War, which allowed players to use these NPCs to defend their own strongholds and attack those of other players.

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i dont think

the revenge, ambushes, betrayals and evolving from killing the player are top notch but their introduction cutscenes get old quick, especially when there's several captains and it chains them

also don't you think that the patent sounds a lot like mount and blade's gameplay? almost all of the things in the patent apply to it

Those games are as generic as they come so it was probably smart from them to patent the only original idea they had.

they can't patent absurdly basic ideas like this and if they do it will be to the detriment of gamers

they did though and it went into effect as of feb 2021

>patent a game mechanic so no one else can use it
>never use it again
the copyright and patent system in it's current form is the antithesis of capitalism

Any user care to remind me what the nemesis system is? It's years since i played the first one, and that was not a whole lot either.

its literally just people squatting on patents to copyright troll with them

Remember when Monolith was cool? Shame they died after 2008.

There is a Skyrim mod the copied it. It's pretty cool.

it's described in the OP pretty much

and somehow War of the Chosen was able to copy this system

what is it called?

Patents can only do so much. People can easily get around this and still do basically everything good about the nemesis system. Devs are just too lazy.

Anyways, fuck nu-Monolith. Just licensed game shit.

You need to catch up to the current day, Grandpa.

This is law now. No other studio or company can use this idea or system, legally

it's not gonna hold up in court when someone makes a "Rivals system where npcs reflect the behavior of the player character, NPCs that have fluctuating social status, as well as physical alterations as a result of player action or arbitrary mechanics"
and yeah you can argue I just reworded the OP albeit shittier but devs will do the exact same and WB won't do SHIT

Somebody has a patent on an arrow on the screen pointing towards the objective. Everyone involved in IP law should be crucified.

How can they easily get around this?

Not baiting

says some loser on Any Forums ok buddy

I mean NPCs that remember you slaughtering their friends?

i dont know much about patents but cant someone make code that's different but does the same thing, give it another name and make it free and open source?

That's fucking bullshit. Im going to trademark the "shoot other people with a gun from first person system" I call it FPS System

kek who?

They also trademarked the concept of playing minigames during a load screen. Isn't IP law fun?


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Good thing loading screens are like 3 seconds these days.

again, who did that?

This isn't that big a deal.

EA patented a conversation wheel. It didn't stop shit.


that was namco bandai and their tenkaichi games no doubt, not that it was an innovative or fun mechanic, wow I can make goku eat food what a fucking blast

while we do have SSDs now and loading screens are super short, think of all the time we wasted looking at loading screens we couldve had fun minigames before ssds happened
fuck you bandai