The Chad's FPS choice

The Chad's FPS choice

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Chadtroid Prime

Doom Chadternal

metadoom is epic

Better than Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal

Titanfall 1

fuck off retard

>shit game
>contrarian faggot says its actually the best
kys and never post again

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imagine thinking being a contrarian simply for the sake of it has any merits
consider suicide

The more redditors seethe at this game, the better I think the game is

>m-m-muh plebbit
go back newfag

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lmao you got filtered by Doom 3.

Objectively true. This was the kind of experience that Carmack-Romero always intended to.
Best expansion 2. RoE & Lost Mission

>filtering anyone
doom 3 is ridiculously easy, it just fucking sucks
if I wanted to play a good "horror" fps I'd play Dead Space not cod in space

*horror shooter
fuck me I'm tired

>tfw playing the pc version back in the day on the family computer that had a Pentium 3 at 733mhz. Then buying an OG Xbox and Doom. Realizing the Xbox has a pentium 3 also at 733mhz.

But why is Chad the demon?

do I just play this through gog or is there some kind of source port stuff like classic doom?

It should be good to play once its installed, but the resolution settings might take a bit of fucking with if you want higher resolution, usually isn't terribly difficult.

the amount of seethe this game generates is amazing

Use Dhewm3. It's fully 64-bit, has modern resolution support, and is cross platform

which version of doom 3 is the right way to play?

The original. No duct-tape mod