ITT: Horrible Bosses

this whole zone is ok at best but fuck me he's SO BAAAAD WHAT THE FUCK
i wouldn't care if a game over just restarted the stage instead of the whole zone but I've had to fight the fucker like 3 times

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This right here is bullshit

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The worst

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Sonic 3 was full of awful bosses, I cant fathom how people call it the pinnacle of the trilogy

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Fun fact: It's been four (4) years since the release of Sonic Mania Plus and STILL the game hard crashes if you use Mighty's drop attack after beating this very specific boss.

Also Sonic CD has the worst final boss in the series hands down and Sega had the gall to tell Taxman he isn't allowed to fix it.

Was not a fan of this boss. More about memorization and less about gameplay skills.

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all the bosses in super meat boy are pretty bad, they just felt like regular levels but with an extra new hazard.

>getting a game over in a sonic game
what are you, 10?

Stream yourself playing through Sonic 1 right now, beginning to end.

Also U-555

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not even the worst boss in that zone

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I don't know why they made you fight her a second time when she's so easy to cheese. If they wanted to give her a death scene, they could have done what they did with Vamp in MGS2 and have her hold Otacon hostage and made you shoot her while not hitting him.

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If you can keep this thread alive for an hour I'll post a deathless Sonic 1 run

Mega man has a lot to choose from.

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Sonic 1 isn't even that hard

>Sonic 1

I never said it was. I still don't think he can do it.

Can't you literally fuck your run if you waste all of your ammo?

iirc, theres a hallway before you get there where you can farm energy from the drills respawning

The only truly bad Classic Sonic bosses are Death Egg Robot and Brass Eggman. Everything else is fine.