SNK fightan waifus > Crapcom fightan waifus

SNK fightan waifus > Crapcom fightan waifus

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Uhhh based

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Vice and Mature not (so far) being in the newest game pisses me off
If fucking Geese can be in, why can't they?

They're too busy hunting the pokeymans.

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>Capcom fightan
You might as well just say "Street Fighter" at this point. All the others are dead.

Damn, she's an evil bitch, but Vice is so fucking hot.

Based :3

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their mechanics were pretty broken, which was excusable in 13 because everyone had death combos that could bring the match around but not now. Mature had rekkas and a fireball. Vice had a ranged command throw that you could use to start combos or combo into from anti-airs. Shit was nuts.

i love pantyhose and ankle boots

what's the sauce


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They remind me of Sei Shoujo character in that image

This character alone > SNKrap waifus

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Uhuhuhuh.... That chick has a boner.

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You better delete that, OP
I didn't give you permission to post my wife (Vice)

Only one girl has ever mattered.

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Crummy Porkeymans? They should be fetching a pail of water!

why does capcom live rent free in the head of snk fans?

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That win pose of hers when she crawls atop her downed foe did strange things to me in my youth.

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I want to breed Shermie so bad bros

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Jesus, these gacha "animations" really trigger my autism. Except this one maybe