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I look like this and shit like this

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yooo he is doing a bodily function close up on his asshole

Unironically, why are black people so gay?

I gotta hand it to the Kikes.
Buying niggers from other niggers in a different continent and bringing them to America to sell to a minority of the population while actively spreading word that it was the work of the white man was probably one of the most effective forms of attack you can employ upon any independent and thriving civilization.
Getting nuked twice is better than getting a single generation of niggers introduced into your society.



>white boi immediately associates this with gay sex

So Niggers are being gay, taking a picture of a white guy and his dick

"Haha, we got you whitey! Pull your foreskin back too so we can smell that white dick head! LET US SEE YOUR DICK!"

Niggers really are annoying faggots aren't they?

im risking a ban but what the fuck is the context here

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school shooting grooming

extreme homophobia has always been linked to extreme homosexuality
same thing with old white guys and trannies

the reason they're doing this is cuz they found out he has a small dick (

>I'm risking a ban
dude you drink onions on the regular

Dude was taking a shit. Niggers jimmied the lock to punk him. That's literally it. He relaxed

Thats why I literally never took a shit in school in all those years

if you were taking a shit at my school the black kids would peak over your stall and post you on snapchat to like 200 people and you'd get comments all day in the hall like "nice form" and shit

you were a reject if you even took one dump at school. Black kids said they "caught you lackin'". All dumpers had to sit at a dumpers only lunch table. It didn't even matter if you did it while everyone was in class, cause there's always some black kid vaping in the corner of every bathroom on his phone, just waiting for someone to pull down their pants and start shitting.

Also I would get to school like 30 minutes early so I could sit on the toilet and work through my stomach-death pains, and these black kids would lock the bathroom and fight inside it for about 20 minutes. Obviously I was scared as fuck to get out of my stall so I had to lift my legs and shit quietly. Trapped in there with the monsters. The pain and anxiety was tremendous. Every morning for 4 years of highschool.

there was a grace period of about 15 minutes because the black kids had to show up for their classes for attendance and then grab the hall pass, then they could sit in the bathroom for as long as they wanted because the teachers were afraid to penalize them. I was late to class a lot because those 15 minutes were perfect for shitting. When that time came I'd just hunker down and push as hard as possible, veins bulging out of my neck, blood pressure at maximum. If in those 15 minutes I didn't get all the shit out I'd sneak out of the school and drive back home. When I would be tardy to my classes my teachers would ask me why I was late and I just made up some lie, but the entire rest of the class knew the exact reason, you could see it on their faces and hear it in their chuckles.

imagine feeling insecure about your own dick lmao

They are the most deeply closeted homosexual race on this planet outside of Arabs

>Relaxing around niggers
Many such cases!

I hope this is pasta

>He relaxed
>Having to live anywhere near niggers
>Having to deal with the constant threat of a subhuman doing this kind of shit
>Can't even talk about it or the media labels you a racist
>Your own parents are shit out of luck because your high school is run by fucking jews and women
>He relaxed

Blacks should be considered a biological weapon at this point. This is fucking crazy.

I'll take "fairy tales" for 200