Game's protagonist is 'The Chosen One'

>Game's protagonist is 'The Chosen One'

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>the main secondary character is better than the main character

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You weren't chosen for anything


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>protagonist is just a random guy

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>the chosen one becomes the villain in the sequel

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You know the rules.
Post it.

>Thread's OP is "A Faggot"

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>Your son is chosen one

you didn't post Susie tho?

>game's protag is 'The Ashen One'

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who?, i only post the best wifeboy

>he didn't play the game

Yeah that's me.

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>you help the chosen one save the wolrd
Kino, you all know which game I'm talking about.

>protagonist is some random guy
>but there is a chosen one (typically in such cases, they are all cocky about it and such)
>the 'prophecy' gets btfo and the random guy saves the day
Love it.

I relate more with the villains these days since im such a loser.

if you hate "the chosen one" trope then it just exposes you as a bitter loser irl

>Game's antagonist is the unchosen one

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>Small, peaceful village is home to an important and powerful artifact

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I wish I was the Chosen One but God told me in my dream that my fourth grandchild will be the Chosen One instead.

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I had a dream that someone nuked Europe then a bunch of cops and feds started fucking with me so I killed them with the help of my tomboy girlfriend.
I might actually be The Chosen One.

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