The shills got to me. Where do I start with this pozzed series and what do I skip?

The shills got to me. Where do I start with this pozzed series and what do I skip?

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Play 1, 2, Brotherhood, play Revelations if you REALLY like Ezio. Skip 3, play Black Flag, then skip everything until Origins, play that, then play Odyssey if you like Ancient Greece, and then skip Valhalla and most likely every future iteration.

Skip 1.

start at 1 and skip the rest

There's an Assassin's Creed game with a literal girl who thinks she's a boy (FTM tranny). Forgot which one it is, but I heards it's shit and you should probably stay away from it.

AC2, brotherhood, revelations, and unity. I wouldnt rec AC1 because the gameplay is kinda too clunky by todays standards

Skip them all. None of them are worth playing. You seriously aren't missing out on anything.

you fell for the "old ass creed games are good meme"

>Ezio Trilogy
try 1 but is right. Definitely play 2 and Brotherhood though if nothing else

not a tranny. she's just a reverse trap which is based.

>Where do I start
play prince of persia instead.

This is objectively they only way to play these games. Except skip odyssey, an open world of nothing somehow even more sparse than literal deserts of egypt.

Start from the very beginning, stop after beating Syndicate. Skip the nu-Creed trilogy. Wait for Mirage.

Literally play part of Assassin's Creed 2 and then absolutely nothing else and you'll have come out of this rancid franchise without sustaining brain damage

>skip 3
Nah nigga he needs to feel it too.

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>skipping the best ones
classic Any Forums

play every game in order nigger, and vote for Trump

>hen skip Valhalla and most likely every future iteration.
but isn't mirage going take the series back to its roots™ and delete all the superflous level system and loot garbage or is it the one after that

Agree with , but I would recommend you skip Odyssey and play Unity instead.

I would also recommend Rogue for its story.

Play the DS games.

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It was shit back then too, I can vouch. I still don't purchase Ubisoft games 15ish years later based solely on how bad it was.

This. If you've played 1, 2, brotherhood, and revelations, you shouldn't skip 3.

Play 1 through Revelations and then ignore the entire rest of the series.

mirage is going to be a souless meme version of these games just like how battlefield 2047 is a souless meme version of peak battlefield

Black Flag and then you stop playing.

Play them all. So are great, others are shit. I, Bloodlines, II, II: Brotherhood, II: Revelations and III (it's shit) are essential. I really liked Chronicles, in particular China, play them after Revelations.

1, 2, brotherhood, 3, black flag, rogue. Unity. Revelations can be skipped

MAYBE origins and MAYBE odyssey and MAYBE valhalla if you like the poz and shitty rpg bs.

dont skip 3, especially if you like the setting. skip all witcher knock off ass creeds

>There are literal circus clowns who recommend Black Flag but not Rogue
The death of the series can be pinpointed to Ubishit's choice to relegate Rogue to last-gen systems while releasing Unity as their next-gen waaaay before it was ready. All they had to do was release the Black Flag 2 game and give Unity another year if dev time

>Where do I start

You don't. There are no redeeming qualities and giving money to Ubisoft will damn you eternal soul.

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