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Any Forums, I have come in a time of great need. For ages I have ignored ER threads for spoilers, but now that I am finally into the game and saw her for the first time, I REALLY need a Ranni thread. Help a fellow Tarnished out, if you could?

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>I am finally into the game and saw her for the first time
user you've played maybe 1 hour at most? Sure you aren't weary of spoilers now?

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I was convinced I needed a thread after seeing her in the fight against the Full moon queen. It definitely wasnt only 1 hour lol

maybe he missed her first encounter ? she no longer appears if you reach liurnia

>Wanting a thread from first seeing her
Find her in the game yourself, pitiful fool. Seek Liurnia of the Lakes.

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What do you mean first encounter? Isnt her 1st appearance in the Renalla boss fight

you do hear her voice yeah in phase cutscene
her questline starts somewhere in liurnia , i won't spoil this for you any further

oh fuck I forgot that was skippable - yeah if you went to Kale's spot at the Church during night she meets you there.
And uh, yeah still plenty of spoilers out there, even with her art alone

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she gives you the summoning bell and the lone wolf ashes if you go back to church of elleh after some point in limegrave
if you reach liurnia , whether after godrick or through the the storm castle skip route , she no longer spawns and you can find those items at twin maiden merchant
don't worry , it does not affect her quest

I just want a Ranni thread man, I wasnt able to play the game when it came out and I know I could postpone making a thread till Im done with the game but I really want a Ranni thread.

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Is making a new game fine at this point? I dont know how big the world quest is, it seems large. I have 2 great runes so far

Watch Ranking of Kings
Mitsubishi ripped Ranni off from Miranjo

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sure you probably just completed about 10% , 15% of the game i would say
there is no reason to , however , you did not miss anything really except 3 lines of dialogues maybe really

So it doesnt break endings or anything?

no , first encounter is just to introduce you to the character and maybe some lore but that's it
as for the items she gives you , you can get them at any moment if you haven't already

Finally a good thread

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THANKS bro, I made this thread expecting Ranni pics not posts raising my heartrate lol

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Thx for the dump bros. Once I finish the game I will make another thread and make sure to dump more stuff myself.

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I wish Ranni at least had some more lines to say about every other major bosses after you complete her quest. You give her the ring and she's just "alright cool, call me when you're done killing god, k bye".
Fucking hell woman, I freed Death, burnt the Erdtree, killed your dad and pretty much everyone else left alive you could call a relative, genocided the remaining dragons and you have nothing to say?

>see cute talking doll
>want to fuck her
>peak under her clothes
not very cute desu, not even a smooth, pale porcelain tummy to kiss and caress.

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that whore deserved to get rekt by the demon forever after all the shit she pull off. At least for a few years.


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