Overrated pile of shit

overrated pile of shit

this game doesn't create a world interesting enough for the entire gameplay loop to revolve around aimlessly exploring

can't believe Any Forums recommended this reddit tier garbage.

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reddit spacing

...are there other better games centered around aimlessly exploring?

reddit adores this turd

Reddit game

Good game up until the angler fish. Couldn't play and beat it since then

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It's only aimless if you missed literally every clue pointing out w
ays to go.

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You would know, redditor

>bro just look for clues for 20 hours
>yeah that's basically the entire game but trust me bro it's good

too peabrained for basic deduction LMAO how do you get filtered by a such an easy game

The circlejerking on Any Forums over this pile of shit was enough to get me to pirate it. I played it for maybe an hour and it was fucking garbage. This game genuinely seems like something a bunch of women's studies majors paid a pajeet to make. I have no idea why Any Forums loves it so much.

streamer core

it's not difficult, it's just boring

you are giving reddit zoomers too much credit

>OP pretends to hate game to start a thread about it.
>OP hates game based on tags on steam and the fact that he saw a redditor like it but has never actually played it himself.
which one is it?

because they finished it

I feel bad for anyone not drawn in by the literal one of a kind downsized planet orbit mechanics or any scifi shit displayed on tutorial planet. There's something lacking in people who look at this and are just bored or more likely too contrarian to enjoy a certain game.

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what have clues ever done to you? leave you stumped?

What games do you anons usually play? I'm genuinely curious, sorry if this comes off as rude.

i'm sure these vehement haters on Any Forums just pre-hated it going in and just spent every second finding something reddit about it instead of trying to even enjoy it.

apex legends

pretty much every genre, anything highly rated or recommended by Any Forums or elsewhere. preference for crpgs / rpgs if I'm to replay favorites.

>0 curiosity
well no shit you're not gonna like an exploration game

make a world worth being curious about
outer wilds didn't

not even them but jrpgs, srpgs, fps, shmups, dmc/god hand/whatever you call them, platformers, occasionally VNs
as for outer wilds i didnt like the characters, didnt like the dialogue, didnt like the music, wasnt engaged by the puzzles, and wasn't impressed by any of the setpieces designed for me to basedface at. the people who post about outer wilds on here are also generally insane passive aggressive faggots who say you're just too stupid to enjoy the same game as game journalists

not an argument, just say you don't like to think at all