HL2 Gravity gun from 1999 leaked

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okay, but where did HE get it from


There is no proof. Just some tranny making up shit for attention.

>26 minutes ago, just as this thread was made
stop shilling your shit on here trannynigger

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Had to look it up in a Half-Life Discord. It's apart of a greater leak with other hsit in it. Trying to find the source of it now

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Source is from a person called Pelpix. They leaked Portal beta stuff in the past. Here is the Rollergrub.

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Pelpix's shit is leaking again? Oh boy.

It's insane that they still do it, but I'd rather just have them leak everything they got and fade away with the shit they've dealt with in the past.

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It's difficult for me to picture HL2 as a game that started development in the late 90s, even though I know that's the case. It's peak mid 2000s for me

Right after HL1 released basically they started work on it. Pretty much everything in 1999 was scrapped though so it's insane to see shit actually coming out from this time period when all we really had before was rough story concepts and concept art.

So are we gonna get anything more than some screenies or what?

I'm only posting what I got. It's some other Discord where all of it is being dumped at. There's the model for the Rollergrub and Physgun available to download.

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It's far from uncommon for companies start work right after releasing something. Hell, Botw started just after Skyward sword, while still visually similar it's nothing alike.


Uh oh

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Call me when we have leaks of all of HL1's alpha/beta content and the rest of the Valve SourceSafe stuff