Design the perfect character

>Design the perfect character
>Put them in the shithole that is League of Legends
what did they mean by this?

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You can play her in the card game too if you're desperate.

I want to play her real physical body

Maybe she'll be in the fighting game someday then.

no i want to touch her in real life i want to lick the sweat off her armpits and eat the gums in her toe nails

vr chat?

more like
>design the perfect character for sex
>make them underaged

>>make them underaged
You can still sex her in your dreams

she is not though

Mentally, she is like 10.

>Design the perfect character
That’s not Skarner though


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Zoe is hot. She's also a psycho yandere who wants to reverse rape a guy, so she plays to that fetish too. Double that in her SG skin where she's literally a corrupted magical girl villain.

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god I wish I was ezreal

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When are we getting a new loli? LoL panders to chink tastes half the time and they love lolis just like japan.

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They retroactively made Kindred one, specifically Lamb. Her Spirit Blossom skin directly states that she's a child. It's also literally her base form now as far as Riot is concerned, new Kindred skins all get the humanized form.
as for a new one who knows

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shes a 600 year old celestial being

Who looks like a 11-12 year old.
Therefore she's sexy.

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I know, right? Why does Riot hold these characters hostage?

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woops wrong pic

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Zoe will almost certainly be in Project L, fighting games always have a tricky loli character and she's popular enough.