It's over for mutts

Crypto regulations inbound and a CBDC which would remove the need for crypto lmao

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Muttbros not like this, not like this.

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Bullish for ICP

lol read the article if you think any central bank will build on an existing crypto and be beholden to a bunch of faggots, Asian gamblers and autists you really need to kys.

Why would CBDC's remove the need for crypto?
are you retarded? This creates a regulatory standard enabling institutional investments to flow into DEFI

This is cope. ICP TPS is very needed for the banks

Don't care, not complying. My XMR seed phrase is in my safe with my illegal SBRs. Not posting proofs either, feds.

I like this guy's mindset.
Government can't do anything about BTC.
Nobody in their right mind saves their money in an imaginary inflationary internet currency like CBDC's.
It's almost like these bankers are living in a fantasy world.
Too bad for them the boulder is set in motion, and there's nobody on earth that can stop it.

>This is cope. ICP TPS is very needfull for the banks

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It’s either decentralized, or it’s controlled by a central entity, you can’t have both.

Racist Any Forumscel

Lol iced piss is a Any Forumstard coin, shilled by pajeets.

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stacking BTC and XMR incase BTC gets whackd

>Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell previously said the main incentive for the U.S. to launch its own central bank digital currency would be to eliminate the use case for crypto coins in America.
>“You wouldn’t need stablecoins; you wouldn’t need cryptocurrencies, if you had a digital U.S. currency,” Powell said. “I think that’s one of the stronger arguments in its favor.”
Just because you make a fed dollar, doesn’t mean I want your fed dollar or “don’t need” crypto. Hell I’d rather use EOS than your fed dollar.

*fed coin

You mean like ETH?

>you wouldn’t need cryptocurrencies, if you had a digital U.S. currency,”
boomers are beyond retarded

ETH/PoS is a scam

>would remove the need for crypto
the opposite you mean

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You're the retard for not reading the article faggot

exactly but count on this narrative being pushed hard.

It's a Central Bank DIGITAL Currency.
Not a Central Bank DECENTRALIZED Currency.


I read the article you literal fucking retard. what information in it shows that we will no longer need crypto? CBDC do not have smart contracts and will still need a bridge currrency for trading with other nations CBDC. Something along the lines of CCIP or XRP's crossboarder payment system would need to be implemented.

Isn't this bullish for XRP?

Nothing is being actively lobbied for or proposed from the white house yet, its a sign of things to come from an early blueprint of where things are heading in the next couple of years.

extremely bullish, which is why OP is being a literal fucking retard

fuck off to your containment thread schizo

you still haven't told me why this is bad for crypto.