Any Forums made me realize that all out policy makers and leaders are incompetent verging on malicious...

Any Forums made me realize that all out policy makers and leaders are incompetent verging on malicious. I lost all respect for law and I lost all respect for authority. Then I started doing drugs and scamming people. Why even try and be serious when everything is a joke and the people in charge are hysterical clowns?

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Congrats on realizing society is a meme welcome home user

The funny part is that you actually think there was ever a point in your life when you werent an evil disgusting parasite and that you supposedely had a "revelation" and "changed your ways". Newsflash you were always an evil cancerous bastard. 4channers always deepthroated the boot, loved authority and slavery and fought for the status quo. When you say "you will be scamming people" that is the status quo. The status quo consists of authority and exploitation. That is how capitalism works. You exploit people and things for profit. You are not doing anything new nor you are breaking ground. You simply decided to try and actively become one of the parasites instead of just spamming their propaganda 24/7 in your favourite nazi financier imageboard forum. You will die alone sad hated and in pain like you deserve parasite alongside your rotten world and empire

so you hit your mid-20's? this isn't a journal, go back to fb.
>real talk, make as much money as you need to be comfy and assist in the collapse

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If law is your only reason to act ethically, it is you who is retarded

>The funny part is
I'd bet $20 you spend a considerable amount of time on r/antiwork. You know what sport? post a screenshot of your app hours and if it's under 10 hours per week on reddit I'll send you $100.

ok but you have to say you're not a communist or criticism of capitalism can't be taken seriously. so just say you're not a communist or we're in for a whole conversation about this.

>scamming people
Congratz, you have become the pajeet.

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Can somebody please shoot this autistic faggot here

Imagine being in Any Forums and actually trying to shittalk anyone else for their online activity. You parasites are the lowest of the low. I am not gonna argue in favor of reddit cause i am not a liberal. I am a communist and i will not rest until every single Any Forums parasite is euthanized, the stock market abolished and the western neoliberal capitalist empires destroyed.

The best part is that even if we dont revolt (spoiler alert we will revolt and we are coming for your nazi heads especially yours, boomer parasite "sport") we have reached such a late stage of capitalism and all ecosystems has already been exhausted and consumed so technically God has already ensured that even if buissness continues as usual and the status quo maintained the parasites AND their offspring will STILL perish via climate change and an uninhabitable planet! The only added benefit of a revolution is that maybe humans can still exist as mother Earth heals.

If you are the brave aryan alpha male why are you anonymous hiding? Tell me where you live parasite. You are brave uberman no? Why hiding? Tell me where you live

I have. Why not? They will only lose their money to some other scam if not to me anyway.
>assist in the collapse
Why would I do that? I just want to be comfy. Everything is a joke I just want to enjoy the decadence and giggle while everything falls apart.

> I just want to enjoy the decadence and giggle while everything falls apart
That is assisting thank you for your service

So you will start by euthanizing yourself right, 4channer?

I am most definitely a communist and we seek to completely destroy your parasitic stock markets, every single financier parasite and you western(and now probably even global) neoliberal capitalist empires. Know that if our revolution fails, mother Earth WILL be completely consumed and become completely uninhabitable so either way the parasites and their offspring WILL perish. So either way we "win". It isnt about winning or losing it is about creating stable and sustainable ecosystems so my point is that if you continue to internalize red scare boomer propaganda like you are doing you are literally just shooting yourself in the foot.

Honey I wouldn't dare argue with you as you are clearly unwell and logic would pass over you like explaining tax reform to a golden retriever. I understand you mean well but you're making a half dozen assumptions based on patterns only recognizable to you.
>you're literally retarded, you have my pity

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I have never created a new thread in Any Forums. I am only here to demoralize, sabotage and gather personal information of as many parasites as i can. Eventually i plan to "travel" and visit some. I often fantasize about kidnapping some hardcore nazi or other type of rightoid parasite, take them to a remote location and torture them for as long as possible. I even dream of hearing you beg for death and me denying you even that. They say revenge is pointless but i dont care. I live to enact my dreams of revenge. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind and there I was against punitive "justice" for a long time and i still support abolition of prisons and cops. Over the years however i have become more selfish and corrupted

Here’s a picture of you and your family

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Hey, you know who else worshiped Mother Earth? The native Americans, and look what you did to them. Kys for Gaia

Ok this is kind of based.

>Uses the phrase "imagine"
>Doesn't start the sentence with a magic green meme arrow

You haven't even had sex in over a year and it shows

just come up to NH, I bet we have tons of Nazi folk considering how white it is:

capitalism: those who hold the power of capital influencing and eventually seizing the political power leading to tyranny

communism: those who hold the political power influencing and eventually seizing the capital power leading to tyranny

there's no difference in the end. because the nature of power is such that whoever wields it will go to any lengths for more, madness follows. so whether the power of capital is so great that the governments fall to those who wield the most of it, or whether the governments power is so great that it seizes the power of capital matters not. the result is the same either way for once they have consumed each other they must turn on us to seize power over the individual.

He’s waking up

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> I have. Why not? They will only lose their money to some other scam if not to me anyway.
Wow pretty based not going to lie. I’m a good salesman thinking of scamming people again also!

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So what’s the solution? Personally I’d rather the velvet glove of capitalism than the iron hand of communism.