Literally happening again

not a Linker but this looks bullish as fuck, literally going to be the first thing to go parabolic again

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it was inevitable

everyone knew this since 2021 already tell us something new

I have a spare Hunnid should I add linkies to my portfolio?

>he knows


Become a wholelinker. Its both suicide and make its stack.

>smug repeating inverse head and shoulders pattern
thanks op just bought 100k

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how did you get the future price chart?

Exactly but the first run was only wave 1.
Wave 3 is the most explosive leg, comprised of its own 5 part wave pattern.
I recall a poster claiming the gains buyers at 6 will receive will surpass the gains from 10 cents to 55 dollars
That's what he meant. Wagmi bros

Nice hopium

Reality has been faced

The oracle obviously...
jeez lol

the writing was literally on the wall of smart money moving into LINK post merge, good on the anons that listened.

Reality got hands on god fr

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I only have 2.6K LINK. Will i become rich?

even if it pumps against btc at best it will crab against usd

We ought to short the Great Reset before it's too late lads. Don't let the shills convince you otherwise.

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2,600 x 81,000 =

What’s a whole linker? I can’t sell for a loss, not a fag rather watch it go to 0 so the government can’t take it or other parties I’m in debt with. So I only add to portfolio never sell when it’s a useless amount of dollars. Should I still throw the 100 in?

Still going to bleed against the USD as the market goes down the shitter

so man anons that said it
so many paid fudders that refuted it
and so many newfags missing the train once again

sad many such cases, just like eth in last cycle

Reminder this user predicted all of it.

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