I have over a $100k in stable coins

Which new project can I invest that will guarantee a 50x in the next bull run?

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Not gonna tell you because you have posted a shitty edit + only the thumbnail + I still need to buy it because it is not out yet. I will start to shill it on Any Forums once it is out so I can get more exit liq.

Link. Trust me. Or regret it.

Go do your research retard, don't come here looking for handouts

This board was created to share ideas too you idiot

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GSTAR will be launching by Q4, getting on the whitelist will be a good idea

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I will be waiting for you to come crying with your tail between your legs you rekt pajeet!

Don't worry about me, when I will be cashing out my fortune, I will still remind you on this board

You miserable low life. watch closely you could learn a thing or two from the board. You should stack up Sylo, so you can leave your mama's basement by next bull run

What's their use cases user?
Is is a DeFi or gaming project?

Spill it out pajeet


It's a project that brings gaming and entertainment to blockchain
The token will be used to purchase game shows on the platform

>$7.7B FDV
Stinkies are really getting desperate for exit liquidity, huh

There won't be another bullrun until the global energy crisis is solved. Invest in uranium miners.


You know this shit aint going nowhere.


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Dont bother if its not privacy focused, security comes first.

buy motokos nigger

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Don't be a faggot
Security is paramount, I know, but is it only privacy projects you invest in?
C'mon pajeet, get some knowldge you normie, gaming and entertainment is more profitable and lucretive than your fuckin privacy

Based. Privacy is at forefront. Stack up some Sylo. Soon enterprises will be its decentralized communication protocols