Grim Darkwood would have clean swept Shitrona's meme team with Thanatos

Grim Darkwood would have clean swept Shitrona's meme team with Thanatos

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>height: 6'4
Manlet according to western women

Why is his full team 7?????

why, on a pokemon board, would your first thought be that
sounds like foids live in your head rent free


Why are you obsessed with this random OC

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>Darkrai is his ace
>but actually it's his special snowflake Tyranitar instead
>also he has a berserk mode, but is also a master tactician???
>and he has a sweet tooth
>and can cook
>and he himself is a special snowflake half-dragon or whatever
This is a joke, right? There's no way this isn't ironic.

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he's cool

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guess who technically has 8

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The artist still runs the character's twitter 7 years later, so it's pretty unlikely to be ironic. Keep in mind that the artist is still younger than this OC, and we were all cringe as retarded kids.

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It's fun to make fun of idiots on the Internet

He is the real alpha chad male

>taunts your spore
nothing personnel, kid

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But who keeps that cringe going for seven years straight?

>all priority moves

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DT and BP aren't priority

>tricks choice item
dead weight in 1 turn, wow

>dark and ghost types always move first
Not moves.

>priority taunts you before setting up 6 double teams and baton passing to thanatos to tyranirape your ass

Taunt still goes first
Shit, you're right. Good thing Tapu Lele isn't catchable until the postgame

I hate that it's name is Kronos instead of Chronos. They were two different deities, the first was Zeus' father and the second was the personification of time.

>mega gengar taunt
>shadow tag trap
>set up
>stall out fanfic weather
>spam focus miss until you win

I've never seen the other E4 members other than this guy

Could be any number of reasons. A genuine belief it's cool and mature. A real feeling of catharsis and affirmation from playing the character. An utter and mind-blowing dedication to the bit.

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Final Nightmare

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>The artist still runs the character's twitter 7 years later
I may be wrong as I haven't looked at his twitter since it went private a long time ago but I'm pretty sure it's his actual twitter. He literally lives as grim darkwood in his head.

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would be 10/10 if she was cunny

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