Cynthia-schizos seething and coping narratives:

cynthia-schizos seething and coping narratives:
>It’s non canon to the games it doesn’t count
>I actually don’t watch the anime :^)
>This is just bad writing ash only won because of [inane schizophrenic babble]
>It’s fine the cynthia lost it was all plot armor anyways so it doesn’t count
> Pretty happy! Even the best lose sometimes and the show was pretty professional about it. Cynthia did not retire and I'm relieved. I'm very happy with all the shots of child Cynthia and all the awesome shots of adult cynthia. Cynthia is incredibly skilled, has abilities from all over the world, and now we know she's best friends with Diantha. Plus, this was a fight that mostly played out like a game fight. Ash got magic powers but I really hope that when the dust settles on this tournament, Lucario goes with Cynthia so she can learn the magic aura powers too. Good fight, our favorite champion is still with us and more passionate than ever, and we have eaten very very well as Cynthia fans for the last month and a half. I hope it's not long until we see her again. See you in Paldea!
>Literally no way Ash would have jobbed to Cynthia. The plot required him to win.
>garchomp is old as fuck she has back problems
>shillable mon won for the sake of selling its merch. Not surprising at all. TPCi is a Jew Corp. since Gen 5 after all
>Cynthia is perfect and this only proves the plot needed her nerfed in order to """lose"""" so it doesn't actually count as a loss

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impotent rage lmao

>I actually don’t watch the anime :^)
ok but I really do not

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>>It’s non canon to the games it doesn’t count
It really doesn't.

Literally who cares about the trashnime

Ash literally needed special magic powers to beat a Togekiss ^^
Queen too strong

Did she actually lose yet or are you spergs speculating about next week's episode outside of your containment thread again


I just hate Lucario, that's the only reason I'm mad. Weird ass rastafarian looking Shillmon trying to act like s badass all the time.

We don't need to cope because Cynthia fans aren't literal children that need to coom over the anime power levels. We don't even masturbate to her on model for god sakes.

>cynthia-schizos seething and coping narratives:
>implying his post isn't seething/coping

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Please keep this to your containment thread.

I unironically would not know how to even watch it. I have no clue what the name of the current version of the pokemon anime is and I don't really care to learn it. Keeping up with the current anime is even cringier than still buying and playing the games and collecting the cards all while you still have no kids.

fake fan

Same. I have no idea what it's streaming on or what the current season is called.

I would rather be called fake than still be interested in all the literal for children parts of this primarily children's franchise.


Ive never really been a fan of the anime. I always thought ash was an anime so I stopped watching around the time Charizard ignored him and never looked back.

>the for children parts of this children's franchise
I mean, you already said it. It's all for children.
What a stupid comment to make.

Thanks for consneeding. That's a rarity on Any Forums.

Gen 1 is really all you needed to watch anyways. All the seasons after that turned from it being a nice show in the pokemon world into a nice advertisement about pokemon.

I came on vp this morning for threads exactly like this

May is dead btw

>it was all plot armor
Ash literally has the exact opposite of plot armor

It's not
I wish I could move on

Have some kids bro (yeah I know :C don't start), be the nice uncle that buys his nieces and nephews pokemon cards bro, do literally anything other than attach yourself to this franchise beyond the games just because you don't know how to do anything else.