3 months left in the year

>no staking
>no ccip
>no enterprise layer
Did I get scammed?

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literally just wait 2 more weeks bro
smartcon agenda:
>steve ellis talks about staking 0.1
>ari juels talks about FSS (working demo confirmed)
>some dude from CL r&d talks about CCIP architecture
>some dude from Synthetix shows off demo of CCIP
>Sirgay talks about enterprise abstraction layer

Bro just keep hold $1000 eoy wagmi

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>steve ellis talks about staking 0.1

And literally none of it is released like they promised on jan 1st. Kill yourself

you got scammed when you bought stink
you could have sold at 50 to scam the other stinkers
now you will baghold to $1

You know what is really interesting? Get a bluetooth scanner on an android and you will see random 12 random letters and numbers, a mac adress not a device. You can test it right now and see for yourselves, what you will see is that every Chainlink idiot is infact one of these Mac adresses. Its quite a trip knowing what Chainlink actually is reality along with these news of a cyber attack. I think its the dead switch on the chainlinked goyim combined with a blackout on internet communications infrastructure.
Again don’t believe me, you need to see it for yourselves.
Its nano parasites broadcasting, grown inside Link holders. Demon world next

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I pulled it out my ass to be quite frank with you fren, but what else would he be talking about? I can't find the link now but I've seen some talk from node operators on Twitter that indicated they've had meetings with CL team this week to finalize last details related to staking

you should really consider going back on your meds fren

>I pulled it out my ass
speculation disregarded
for how many years are you going to keep defending grifters?

I'm only following this from the outside, but wasn't this announced at the beginning of the year? It's still not released?


Post disregarded

it takes one to know one, finn

it's over i've held all my chainlink since 2014 but I just logged into Bittrex and sold it all

Not really. It’s easy to spot when you’re a native english speaker.

mitä kieltä puhut kotona?

heh....my boy serge...he just needs some time

Chainlink is a security and will be regulated as one in all western countries. This will prevent it from being used as intended rendering it a useless shitcoin.
Have fun baggies :)

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>goes up 8%

What has he been doing for 5 years?
I almost never heard of him.

How did Sergey get all the memes and Ellis become an unknown ghost?
I don't even think he has a twitter account.

checked wagmi frens