Everything is proceeding as I have forseen

Everything is proceeding as I have forseen

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but OP, can't you see, that this time it's different?

Checked but I think it'll be around 15k at the absolute lowest.

Past performance is an accurate indicator of future performance, amirite?
TA losers are a bit cringe. Reading tea leafs gives you the same result in terms of predicting future price action.

If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed.

so what's your plan - ignore the obvious trend?
thanks though for real, people like you are why I've made so much money in crypto.

Good, good... Let the hate flow through you

So you want me to told BTC for 3 years to be only just over the old ATH? And this is how you cope with the weight of your bags?? Wow, sell this shit right now these losers are going to an hero.

Soooo just buy anytime between now and 2025?

it's a log graph spastic

Next time you post a chart update it to current moment. We already hit $15k btc

In time, you will call me master

>as I have forseen

Now show the prediction thread.

So you're saying buy the dip bobo BTFO?

Idunno user, I just don't know

>t. capslockanon

> bitcone

Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.

My design says the world war 2 ended in 1945. I can predict things.

I Am All The Sith.

15k is pretty good buy in price I would say. Not really destroyed. What do you think the bottom is?

45k only in 2025 lol good luck with that