There may be a Coinmetro AMA today, but with Kevin you never know

There may be a Coinmetro AMA today, but with Kevin you never know.

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kda is 1€ lol

Paw id!

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ETH staking needs to hurry the fuck up

It is immoral for large exchanges to be staking the majority of ETH. That makes it moral for a small exchange nobody uses to stake small amounts of ETH.

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Will you still stay away from ETH and ETH staking?
And should I move all my EUR to USD

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The coins are thrown out with the trash.

This thread is made by paid discord shills they want to scam you!
Do not invest in any coins they recommend, do not engage with them and do not support them in any way. They are only here to get as much liquidity as possible from gullible retards. They have astroturfed Any Forums for over 2 years by now and scammed a lot of clueless Any Forums anons.
Thank you for your attention.

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I made that image.

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>And should I move all my EUR to USD
What if EU gets their shit together and kills inflation temporarily to strengthen the currency for a short while causing a quick 10-20% wick?
For some reason I feel like when this Russia/Ukraine shit is over it will be way more bullish for Europe than USA.
No idea about long term though, but I also have no idea at all because I'm clueless and guessing.

It's actually a visual representation of shitcoins trying to get into the coinmetropolis.
EU is printing money and giving it to people to deal with energy increases

Should have picked another image in hindsight.
Her boobas are too big.

>EU is printing money and giving it to people to deal with energy increases
If or when the war ends it might be bullish for reducing energy prices.
Might also not, just thinking of a way to cope with europe weakening.

>Holding fiat
Bitcoin is the currency of the future. You should avoid using it as a currency and hoard it for this reason.

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You have all your would be fiat in BTC?

No, I can't sell my XCM. BTC is a decentralised Jewish trick. It has failed as a currency and my post was pointing that out.

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>No, I can't sell my XCM
>BTC is a decentralised Jewish trick

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someone please buy my XCM bags ;_;

Shitposting aside do you still believe in BTC?

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I am not wasting time finding out what I did wrong here.

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