Now when the dust has settled, what went wrong with the merge?

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it's not crypto anymore. pos starts with the requirement to be a plutocracy. pow starts with trying to not let anyone have more than 51% power.



And it's by design which is worse. And turns out more than half of nodes run on AWS too, so now there's two big validators and AWS that can all turn off Ethereum.

Cope or the price of your shitcoin is tanking? How heavy are those bags user?

nothing, it's like a halving the effect will take long time to be noticed.

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Smart money accooomolating internet computer

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Neither. I hold a few ETH and I'm looking for a decent price to get out. This coin is jewed now and ESG compliant as Blackrock mentioned. And the jew Genschler put out a statement that ETH post merge really is a security now. Let them have it, I want out. This isn't what I signed up for.

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of course everyone sold lol
>Imagine being this retarded STILL holding ETH
There is no "alternative" or "second best"


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>eth maxis will say “tHaT wOuLd nevER haPPeN”
parler anyone?
>us gov: coinbase, censor these addresses or we’ll sanction you and classify you as a threat to national security. If you resist this order, this classification lets us order AWS to turn off all your shit off
lose if you resist, lose if you comply
at 1k mcap. all the money from eth will go there soon

It's over for eth. I wonder what coin will flip eth.

ETC needs to adopt the goodness of proof of work ETH. Then ETC can become ETH without the proof of stake bullshit.

It went pretty much perfectly. Near 100% participation rate, no missed blocks, no forks (inside the PoS chain), no black swans, no drama. All this can be seen by the seething of Any Forums; the best FUD they can come up with is that there's still ETH inflation and it's now controlled by the WEF or whatever. Complete success.

here’s what you sound like
>I got surgery to chop my legs off
>the surgery was a success
>no longer have legs
… yeah but you literally just chopped your legs off. that’s not “success”. the surgery to accomplish that is impressive, but now you don’t have any legs.

This. Skelly man bent the knee to the WEF and globalist agenda under the guise of “energy efficiency”. ETH is kiked, but it’ll pump anyways.

You can do wild comparisons as much you like. A PoS maxi could compare it to a cancer tumor, I'm somewhere in between. But the fact is it was successful.

please let it dump more. i shorted it and am already up 20% lol im riding this shit till 1k

People who fomo'd in when the merge was announced are bailing because there was no pump.

A return to 1000 would be pretty reasonable now, in line with how far BTC has dumped now the hype has died down.

>the dust has settled
If only you knew how bad things really are.
You will learn. The dust will settle when coinbase is ordered to sanction someone. Then there will only be dust.

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